Sunday, October 23, 2016

now I lay me down to sleep

I dug out a pair of sheepskin lined UGG boots to wear in the camper yesterday. It was cold out - maybe 4C - and raining, but I couldn't let that keep me in the house. I had a lot of winter preparations to get underway. A tower of large plastic bins sat ready just inside the camper door. I got to work, laying them out the length of the camper. Food, favorite cooking utensils (including the microwave/stovetop/oven dish, clothes and a multitude of other odds and ends made their way into the waiting vessels. Some stuff got unpacked, but much of it will live in bins for the winter, ready for spring.

I didn't take things into the house, I left that for Carm to do today (when it wasn't raining), but it still took me a couple of hours, with trips into the house to warm up. Raindrops fell like melting icicles as I made the dash for a warm tea. Once my pants were soaked I gave up, knowing it was an easy race to the end for today.

I'm happy to say it is all done. The sun came out, but the wind still blows, a chilly reminder of what is to come. The camper is ready for bed now, a long winter’s sleep: the water lines have been blown out and filled with non-toxic antifreeze; everything is in the house; and Carm unhooked the PVR and modem. Oh sure, there is going to be the odd thing I forgot, but the slides will be open until just before the snow flies giving me a chance to dash in and get the missing item.

We had lively discussions last night when Trudie & Leo dropped by (with an apple pie I might add). American politics is on everyone's lips these days - the end of the election will leave us with much less to talk about (at least I hope so, if you know what I mean!).

I guess with camping over - I did shout out some swear words to the pets that it would be SEVEN Fing MONTHS till we next camp!!! They looked at me, puzzled at the outburst and not really understanding I word I said, except maybe 'camp'. Oh, where was I going with this… with camping over we'll focus on our next adventure, a cruise to the Caribbean.

I'm glad it is a sunny day today as it helps to keep a positive mood. So far this fall I've been lucky enough to have steady moods. I will do what I can to keep this up.

"The breath of autumn had already passed along the foliage, and a coming death had spread over its hues golden, brown and crimson—a strange gaiety of decay, which, with all its beauty, carries an idea of sadness into one's heart." ~T.H.E., "The German's Daughter," 1840

Friday, October 21, 2016

settling in

As luck would have it, our camping summer ended on exactly the right day. Wednesday morning was bright and sunny with only a hint of wind, and while it seemed that it might be a good idea to extend our visit by another day, the weather forecast told us otherwise. So, we packed up our villetta for the last time this year and made the trek home. We got the basics unloaded with plans to 'get to it' with more impulsion the next day…

Thursday was not so nice. A light rain fell all day discouraging us from getting busy. I did do a rearrange of the camper closet, purging a few things in the process. I unloaded the extra clothes that I had brought on board (and there were a few tall stacks - whatever was I thinking). Some clothes live on board all year so they stayed in place. I think I only brought in 4 loads of stuff. Incorporating everything into the house was challenging, and I'm left with closets bursting. The hard integrate is yet to come: food, books, dvds, coffee maker, etc. etc. etc. still to come in. Much of it will be stored in bins, ready to deploy next spring, but it is always a challenge to find places to store them.

Today (Friday), it is raining harder. Not much will migrate to the house today, unless the rain lets up a bit, but I guess that's okay.

Making the transition from villetta to house can be challenging, depending on how long we've been away. The longer we've lived in the confines of the camper, the harder it is to adjust. Our simple living quarters are somehow soothing. A large house full of too much stuff and too many projects can be overwhelming, sending the peaceful easy feeling scurrying away. There is always one thing to soothe the transition though - my lovely bathtub - about the only thing I miss about our house. A hot bath with bubbles up to my chin is a welcome pastime. Oh, that and not having to walk the dogs first thing in the morning. (I've indulged in two long sleep-ins since we've been home). And there is the fact that I can use water with impunity. On the camper we are limited to 49 gallons of grey (sinks, we use the campground showers) till we dump (moving the camper to the dump station  - giant pita) which means stretching out every dishpan for maximum use. The longer sofa in the house is nice too - I can curl my legs without forcing Carm against the arm on his side.

I guess there are things to love about both homes!

After all," Anne had said to Marilla once, "I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string.”
~L.M. Montgomery,

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

last camping day for 2016

The yellow brick road was paved with gold and brown leaves, with the odd red highlight. Skipping down this fragrant path the leaves swirled around my feet, energized by the gale force winds that blew from the south. We were out for our walk in just t-shirts, the temp said 26C but the wind was gusting to 60 kph - hang onto your hats!

We took the easy way for a walk today: a drive to group camping area A, then a walk around and around on the grassy fields. We didn't want to go far as there were thunderstorms in the forecast so we wussed out and drove.

It is our last full day of camping for 2016 and I'm trying not to think about it. Actually though, I have a few things to look forward to this winter: a cruise to the Caribbean at the end of November, and then a month long trip to NZ Jan/Feb. By the time I'm back it will be time to plan out next summer's camping trips. I don't want to wish the winter away, but spending it somewhere warm is a good thing :-)

Yesterday, while the roast was cooking, it fell over from its tall position so that it was leaning on the edge of my roasting pan… resulting in a large dirty spot that won't come clean the regular way. Does anyone have any suggestions for cleaning the oven?

The wind continued to rise as the afternoon wore on. I think I can see some rain on the horizon so we'll be closing the door soon. Our last day had the makings of an historical one with these temps but the wind was winters tendrils slashing through the heat.