Tuesday, October 16, 2018

home again... no camping for seven 1/2 months

I'm sitting on the sofa, back home after a few weeks of camping. The house has warmed up to 61F from the frigid 53 that it was when we arrived home. The day is grey and it is actually raining, keeping us from the gargantuan task of unloading for the winter. That's okay, we left camp without breakfast and the necessary 2nd cup of coffee, so chilling out for a bit is okay.

I do wish the rain would stop though - I'd like to get started...

The house seems huge and starkly white after so many weeks in the villetta with its warm wood cabinetry and floors. The cosy space seems warmer, even when it is cold (although to be honest, it never got as cold as this!).

The dogs are huddled up on their various beds and Kabira is still wearing her double outfit. Grace is enjoying the extra space of her giant cage. She may be missing her corner windows though.

Time for a tea.

The rain finally let up around 2pm giving us time to unload the food and appliances. Everything is more or less neatly stored, although there is a pile of stuff on the table. Most of the laundry has been done.

It's not over yet though... all the extranious stuff that we use over the winter has to be unloaded, and more importantly, the trailer has to be winterized.

We have some special company coming on Wednesday, so our filthy house has to be cleaned and guest bed sheets washed. The patio furniture has to come in before it rains again. We need to dig another garlic bed and get that planted in the next few days. The list of to-do's gets longer with each passing hour. I had my vacation and now it is back to reality.

The next day:

Monday night Trudie & Leo dropped by with our mail. We had a rousing discussion about the 'metoo' movement and what it means for woman. Trudie is one of the few women that were never victimized by men so I don't think she really understands what it is all about. Lucky her.

I read a really good article about the topic not long ago, but I can't find it and don't remember the details enough to use it as a discussion point - very frustrating! I would like to redo the conversation as I have given more thought to the problem and could perhaps articulate better. Society blames the woman: she is too provocative and the men can't control themselves - not their fault. Well, who is to define what is provocative? Some men would be sexual predators no matter what. And whose fault is it that some men can't control themselves? Woman's? And when people aren't victim blaming they don't believe. Where's the proof? Without proof the victim isn't believed. And sometimes the situation is such that the woman can't fight back. A job might be at stake. She believes it is her fault - society tells her it is. Victim shaming... and some women are just as guilty of that as some men.

I'm left feeling sad for some women, but angry at the others who can't seem to put themselves in another's place.

"If telling men "don't rape" instead of telling women "don't get raped", is like telling thieves "don't steal" instead of home owners to "lock your houses", why don't we hear more victims of home invasion being told "you got what you deserved for having such a beautiful house on display for everyone to see" ???” 
― Miya Yamanouchi

Friday, October 12, 2018

a brighter day

It was raining when I got up yesterday. The sky was dark and the day seemed dreary. Around 11 am the day brightened, inside the camper with Jo Ellen and Don visiting us. We were cosy and warm in the villetta with spirited conversation and laughter. I made gnocci with mushroom sauce (easy to make in one pot on my fantastic gas stove).

Their tire tracks were barely cold when the phone rang. It was Trudie and they were heading to the Acapulco for supper. I put our supper back into containers (leftovers from roast beef dinner), threw on some nice clothes, then got into the truck for the rough and muddy road out to the highway.

This morning was grey with the hint of sun off to the west. Cold and a bit windy. This camp really feels the wind as it blows cold off the St. Lawerence. A quick walk, a hot coffee, then into the truck to Cornwall so Carm could get some bloodwork done. We stopped at Cora's for a ridiculous breakfast of pancake, 4 bacon strips, 1 sausage, 1 ham, and 2 eggs. And toast. And potatoes. Oh my... I had to let my belt out a notch :-0

A Value Village was across the road so we dashed in to look for a few things. Miracle of miracles we found both. We wanted a basket to cook eggs in the instant pot, and I wanted a very small black "purse" to carry my phone, passport and boarding pass when travelling, and my camera and sail card on the ship. I found something that pretty much does the trick. I might still look at a pacsafe purse though, if I could fine one tiny enough.

Once 'back to camp' we gathered the pack of dogs and went for a long walk. At group camp A the dogs got a bit of time off their leashes for some running time. The joy on the poodles faces was delightful.

It was quiet for the rest of the afternoon with a few short walks to check out all the trailers coming in - apparently it is a sold out weekend. Lots of dogs to pass (note to self: refresh treats in the walking pouch).

We had time for a quick Moroccan soup for supper (oh yeah for my stash of soups in the freezer), before Caroline and Mike arrived for an evening of discourse. Nice.

And that brings me to now. I'll do all my pleasures in one today as I am almost overwhelmed by how lucky I am. Here I am, with someone I love and who loves me, a nice camper, a cold evening which makes cudddling up in the camper all that more great.

I am blessed.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

delayed thanksgiving dinner

Well... this post starts in yesterdays voice. We ended up being too busy for me to finish, especially as I wanted to add some photos.

Bright sunshine greeted us as the wind tried to fling the door open. Yes, it is still windy, but we walked in short sleeves. The dogs were happy that we took the slightly longer loop, especially as I gave them some time to sniff. Aside from food, smelling the wildlife is the next joyful thing for the dogs. We heard there was a flock of 40 turkeys along the road yesterday, so maybe they could smell thanksgiving.

Last night we slept with the fan on above the bed instead of the 2 electric heaters that had been running previous nights. It was an easy 10F warmer in here than a few nights ago.

A funny story: the road down to this campground is 2+ miles of rough gravel road - everything gets rattled and bounced around; we wondered what the state of the inside would be. Well, when we got here, I opened the door, and there, sitting on the counter was a bottle of water and our super expensive dish soap container. Yup. Sitting on the counter almost exactly where I left them. I breathed a sigh of relief and made a mental note not to forget again.

Last night Christina and Hans biked by our site so we were keen to drive down to where they are camped to meet up with them again. As luck would have it, we caught them just as they were leaving so they dropped their bikes and we all went for a rather slow and hot walk. The dogs were dragging their feet in the heat... oh, they looked so old.

After our walk we drove to Ingleside for some groceries then came back to camp for a relaxing afternoon. Plans of Prime Rib supper swirled in my head. I did the planning and got to work. Prime rib, yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts was heaped onto plates and carried to our little table. An effervescent of bubbles washed everything down. Oh yeah!

The kitchen is small but functional. It does require some gymnastics to get everything cooked. The extra pots from the oven were stashed on the bed to get them out of the way. I cooked the brussels sprouts in the actifry which takes up a whole counter. If I didn't already have the table set I could have used it for the giant appliance. The little table that I gave back to Mom would have been handy as an extra surface. I wouldn't have thought of using it though.

After supper Christina and Hans dropped by for an hour.

This morning it is raining. Jo Ellen and Don are due at 11 - I guess we'll be huddled inside.