Sunday, August 19, 2018

16 years ago and other random photos

Photo from 16 years ago when we built the retaining wall. It is still standing :-)

Really bad selfie. I have to look at some youtube videos to give me some tips so my head doesn't look like a bowling ball.

Huge frog by the front door.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

mid August's night dream

Mid August and there is a slight change in the air. It isn't so stinking hot and to be honest, I'd acclimitized to the heat - now it doesn't feel hot out until it is in the 30s with an even higher humidex. The smells have changed, it smells like late summer, and the days are shorter and the sun is lower on the horizon, all changes it that portent September's arrival.

It's not like it has been cold though: yesterday was 28C, today cooler at 24C...

Out of 17 days since I started on the treadmill I've only missed 2 days. It is starting to become a routine, although I do have to trick myself to get on some mornings. To help myself succeed, I get dressed into my workout clothes as soon as I get up. After a big drink of water I take the dogs out for their 10 minute walk, and then it is time for coffee. After that, I get my music lined up, then step on the treadmill, sometimes telling myself I only have to do 10 minutes... once I'm on I can usually get myself going for the desired 30 minutes. I do pat myself on the back for a job well done. Then I jump into the pool! Which is heaven and makes the whole energy depleting exercise worthwhile.

I've been infected with some sort of brain worm or disease. Go ahead and laugh... I found an App, (MyCloset), that lets me take photos of my clothes, etc., then I can assign them a category, and from there put them together into outfits. The outfits can be tagged to a calendar and a packing list. It is actually kind of cool.

The last week has been spent taking photos, editing them to remove the background, and importing them into the app. I have only done my better clothes.

Are you laughing yet? The funny thing is that I have never been much of a fashion plate: jeans and tshirts were my staple clothes for my whole entire life. Now that we started cruising I'm paying more attention to what I wear. And shocker of all shocks: I'm even wearing makeup!

We have been busy with friends too. Pat was over for supper on the weekend. It was a beautiful evening for eating outside, and then winding down the night on the swing. Last night we had supper at Jo Ellen and Don's. She had some chicken shwarma 'flown' in for a yummy treat.

"People who love to eat are always the best people.” 
~Julia Child

Friday, August 10, 2018

is he gassy?

Oh my gosh! What a beautiful day. The humidity has disappeared leaving us with crisp air in the mid 20s (C). There is just enough breeze to gently sway the leaves in the trees, but not enough to make them sing. The sky is the most amazing blue, with just the odd fluffy white cloud. Yes, it is heavenly.

I was 1/2 way down the laneway this morning with the dogs when I saw a trailer backing down. I called the dogs away so they didn't get sqashed and then watched Mike expertly back the utility trailer to the edge of the garage. Secured in the back of the flatbed was a giant white capsule... the propane tank needed for step one of prepping our house for a giant generator.

Using his brain as much as his brawn, Mike from MacEwan muscled the heavy tank to its new home.

Last night we had a fun night with Jo Ellen and Don, and little Lady, a teeny tiny poodle. The weather held out for us to have our supper on the back deck which to me adds an extra dimension of delicious to any meal. Doesn't everything always taste better outside?