Saturday, June 16, 2018


I was still in bed when I heard the crash, but being half awake it didn't really register... I should have been running out there with my phone in hand... it wasn't until several minutes later when I heard sirens that my mind woke up. Carm and I dashed outside to see what was going on. Two vehicles were crashed at the corner of our road - one pretty badly damaged. We watched for a while as firetrucks and police cars raced up. I went into the house, but Carm walked up the road to the accident.

A vehicle, driven by a young guy with a young woman as his passenger, had driven through the stop sign. Unfortunately his luck wasn't good and he was slammed into by an older guy, minding his own business. The young woman may not have been wearing her seatbelt.

I went outside again when I heard the helicopter. The 'ORNG' orange helicopter landed in a field beside the accident and loaded the victims. Lets hope they are both okay.

We got some terrible news this morning. Spike's cousin Sunny passed away from a possible reaction to flea/tick medication. Sunny was only 9 and should have had 9 more years ahead of him. Carm's brother Joe and his family are of course devestated, he was their first dog and taught them the joys of canine companionship.

I cried. I cried for Sunny. I cried for Joe & Sandy. I cried for all the dogs, cats and birds we have lost. I cried for the pets we are yet to lose.

I baptized my new camera this afternoon, and started my swimming season at the same time. Carm has been in the pool several times, but I couldn't get myself excited about the cold water. This changed today :-) After an afternoon of errands and driving, a dip in the pool sounded like the perfect ending to a rather up and down day. Plus I wanted to try out my camera.

The feeling of cold water on hot skin blotted other thoughts out of my head. For a moment it was just me and the water. It felt like summer, and thoughts of years of sultry afternoons eased my mind.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

I'll bore you with more photos of peonies

I'm trying to get my fill of the peonies, dashing outside whenever I think of it to soak in their beauty. I stuff my nose into the lush flowers without regard for ants. It is due to rain today and we know what that does to them.

They have always been a favorite of mine, and are actually the only stand of flowers planted in my garden. They remind me of decorating my bike with tissue flowers when I was 7 - the fake flowers as suscepticle to rain as the real thing. In my minds eye I see a rubenesque women (me), laying on a bed of peonies, petals strewn everywhere (the ants that frequent the flower are nowhere in sight in my fantasy). There is a word that perfectly describes their lush, sensousness, but I can't think of it... oh wait: voluptuous.

Spike is bored with being at home. He lies down with a big sigh, and can barely get himself to walk down the laneway, except, occasionally, in an incredible burst of speed he races at top speed.

How does that song go? 'Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens... these are a few of my favorite things.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

swinging in the sun

I had a few minutes of swing time today... the first time this year. The pleasures of the summer are fleeting and this year maybe even more so. Grace came out with me and basked in the sun. She's never crazy about being out there by herself and I was flitting in and out of the house and about the property, so I had to keep her company for a bit.

The wind roared through the trees making them shake their castinette limbs as they did the flaminco in the breeze. It was energizing.

I looked out the living room window to see a blizzard of white petals being shaken from their lofty perch. The black locust trees are covered with flowers - they almost look like clusters of grapes from a distance - but the wind is losening them and sending the petals all over the property, including into the pool on the other side of the house. They are not well-behaved trees.

We zipped over to liquidation this afternoon - there was nothing I wanted but Carm wanted to look around. I always say that and I alway find a bunch of stuff to fill my closet with. Today was no exception: two non-t-shirt tops, earrings (yes, me who hasn't worn jewllery for eons), and a little bag to pack small things in. Strangely, I dressed up to go and wore my new gold shoes. I have been infected with a weird virus that has me putting on makeup and nice clothes to even go to the store. I will probably get over it when my next little depression happens... in the meantime, I'm getting all sorts of nice compliments from Carm :-)