Wednesday, June 20, 2018


A walk down the laneway is like strolling through a bowl of potpourri. Each step garners fresh smells: crystalized sugar and nutmeg, a bit of honey, and the sweet smell of newly mown hay all mingle to create the essense of summer. Sometimes the heavy smell of gasoline overrides all the sweetness, but as the wind blows it away the odour fades and the crisp green smell of grass takes over.

Just saw a flash of orange and black: an Oriele bright against the sky.

The dogs are bathed and are drying in the sun. I've gone swimming and am drying on the swing. Carm? Well he's out mowing the lawn, the ever growing grass, fighting back Nature as she threatens to overwhelm us.

The sheer energy in the earth always astounds me. How can all these trees grow, and grow bigger still, on just the earth. Grass competes for the nutrients, but it seems that there is plenty to go around. From the earth to plants to insects and animals and finally us... we grow (sometimes bigger than we want) from the dirt.

Take up a handful of soil and marvel at the magic.

To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.
~William Blake

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

I snapped

It finally happened... I'd reached my saturation point... too much news. I could feel it happening days ago and tried to warn Carm. He didn't hear me and could only focus on how great it was that I was keeping up to date with world happenings. He didn't realize that it was my mental health that was in danger. Nightmares and feelings of rage and anger let me know I was reaching the breaking point, and sure enough, last night, I erupted and stormed out of the room with a few explictives colouring the air. All day in the car with news talk radio and when finally home the tv tuned to CNN at 4:30... I need a break.

We had a long day in town yesterday, starting with a 'blood letting', i.e. getting my veins pierced multiple times to get a bunch of vials of blood. It was all worth it though as my results were all normal - yeah! I could cut down my salt consumption a bit though to get my lithium level up just a bit - the two go hand in hand: two much salt: not enough lithium; not enough salt: too much lithium. But, (aside from the news breakdown), I've been feeling pretty good lately so I'm not going to stress about it.

After that we had a quick bagel for lunch - Montreal style which is my absolute favorite. Slightly crispy and covered with seasame seeds, oh my, I could eat one now!

We had a visit with Carm's mom which as always is a bit sad. She seems content though which is all that matters. I could see a woman across the hall that looked to be my age that was being fed her lunch. Don't take your health for granted!!!!

From there we zoomed across town to our eye doctor appointments. The usual 'this one or that one' as different lenses flicked in the machine. Soon we were done and on our way home, squinting our eyes in the bright light.

Sunday we had lunch at the cemetary where Carm's dad is interned. The funeral home puts on a free bbq every Father's day and it seems like a good time to get together with some of his family.

We saw Joe & Sandy, and shed a few tears together over Sunny. As we were leaving Joe asked 'how long does it take? How long does the pain last'. Well, we pet owners all know that the pain never truely goes away but that it does fade with time and is less immediate. There will sometimes be things that remind us and trigger the feelings again, but I guess that is the price of love. And I'd pay that price over and over again for the joy that our pets bring.

Saturday, June 16, 2018


I was still in bed when I heard the crash, but being half awake it didn't really register... I should have been running out there with my phone in hand... it wasn't until several minutes later when I heard sirens that my mind woke up. Carm and I dashed outside to see what was going on. Two vehicles were crashed at the corner of our road - one pretty badly damaged. We watched for a while as firetrucks and police cars raced up. I went into the house, but Carm walked up the road to the accident.

A vehicle, driven by a young guy with a young woman as his passenger, had driven through the stop sign. Unfortunately his luck wasn't good and he was slammed into by an older guy, minding his own business. The young woman may not have been wearing her seatbelt.

I went outside again when I heard the helicopter. The 'ORNG' orange helicopter landed in a field beside the accident and loaded the victims. Lets hope they are both okay.

We got some terrible news this morning. Spike's cousin Sunny passed away from a possible reaction to flea/tick medication. Sunny was only 9 and should have had 9 more years ahead of him. Carm's brother Joe and his family are of course devestated, he was their first dog and taught them the joys of canine companionship.

I cried. I cried for Sunny. I cried for Joe & Sandy. I cried for all the dogs, cats and birds we have lost. I cried for the pets we are yet to lose.

I baptized my new camera this afternoon, and started my swimming season at the same time. Carm has been in the pool several times, but I couldn't get myself excited about the cold water. This changed today :-) After an afternoon of errands and driving, a dip in the pool sounded like the perfect ending to a rather up and down day. Plus I wanted to try out my camera.

The feeling of cold water on hot skin blotted other thoughts out of my head. For a moment it was just me and the water. It felt like summer, and thoughts of years of sultry afternoons eased my mind.