Friday, May 18, 2018

some photos from the last few days using my new camera

Jo Ellen and the two poodles. Our icy limoncello - Mediterrean sunshine in a bottle.

Around the property. This was a few days ago so the apple buds are a bit more formed. There aren't as many as last year - they must have been harmed by the ice storm we had mid April.

Spike, still alive and posing for the camera.

These were all taken with my new Fujifilm XP130. I'm reasonably happy with it as many of these photos were taken in extreme conditions. The ones of Jo Ellen and the limoncello were taken inside, in the evening, with no flash. The one of Spike is a little dark but we were in blazing sun so the camera overcompensated - I think there is a setting for bright sun that I should experiment with.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

the whole world fell in love in spring

I’m slowly getting over my shock. I relived and ruminated several ‘what if’ versions of the screeching tires yesterday, until finally I gave myself a virtual slap and got busy with something else. That something was putting back all the stuff that we had removed from the camper last fall. Except for food - I’ll do some actual planning and just bring what we need for our first trip, not everything that I can think of that we might use for the rest of the year… Yes, I will try not to overpack this time.

But that means I have to do some serious menu planning, and how can I plan for 8 suppers when these days I’m having trouble figuring out what the next meal will be. The campground is a bit of a ways from the city, otherwise I’d just plan that we’d eat out most every night :-0

Raxx for ribs will be a must-do on the first Thursday night. (just checked the menu - Tuesday is fish & chips, Wed is wings, Thur is ribs, Fri is steak - maybe we can eat out every night after all!)

Another good diversion from my overactive imagination was a visit from Jo Ellen and Don last night. I whipped up a minestrone soup so the meal would be reasonably healthy but then ruined it by baking biscuits, and if I do say so myself, they are the best and hard to resist. We were celebrating the 1 year anniversary of our time in Sorrento where we bought a bottle of limoncello to bring home. We enjoyed a sip of the golden sunshine after our supper last night. Not the same bottle, as that one is LONG gone ;-)

I was walking with the dogs in the field this afternoon enjoying the faint scent of flowers on the breeze. The sweet fragrance of summer buoyed my spirits: summer is surely on the way.

And the birds sang their songs of love. And the flowers serenaded with their sublime fragrances. And the whole world fell in love in spring!”
~Avijeet Das

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

a very close call

The sound of screeching tires assaulted my ears. I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, the bedroom window was open and Carm was at his computer in the kitchen.

My heart lurched. Were all the dogs inside? I knew that Carm had let them out several minutes earlier, but I had only heard Kabira come in… I rushed out to the hall, grabbing Carm on my way out. Oh, that walk down the laneway was long… Bella was there... I called, and didn’t see Spike, but then Carm saw Spike outside the gate. On all four legs and looking scared.

I can’t get the sound of those screeching tires out of my head. He was almost killed. Who knows how close he was to being a dead dog. I didn’t really freak out until we were on our way to town, then I had a silent cry and I’ve felt slightly sick ever since.

Before we headed into town we did some alterations on the gate to make it harder to get through. That was a start, but I knew that when I got home I’d be beefing up the electric fence and setting up a training session. Yes, I’m a meanie… after a few hours of frustrating work I got the gate charged. Got Spike on a leash and pushed him up against the gate till he got a good shock. Twice. And I’ll do it again tomorrow.

The day started with rain, but by the time we got back from Costco the clouds were parting and the sun was shining. Beautiful day for stupid fence work.