Sunday, February 26, 2017

first geese

A huge flock of Snow Geese lifted in the air in the distance. A flock of Canada Geese looked for food in an old corn field. Spring? It is far too early, but today's strong sunshine brought a hint of what might be. The sun lured us out of the house and into the car this afternoon. A drive through the countryside seemed like a good plan, one that is good for both of us.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: what have I done? Not a heck of a lot. I've watched the original Disney movie 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' - that made for a pleasant afternoon. We've picked up 320 lbs of meat for the dogs - it is nice knowing that we are supplied for a few months. While there we met a woman who breeds Bengal cats - slightly tempted to get a kitten but then a reality check reminds me that I don't want a cat and all the hassle that goes with it (namely litter box, scratchy nails and hair everywhere).

I feel like I am closer to being back to 'normal' (whatever that is). Although with golf on the TV I am mighty tempted to have a nap…

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.”

~Hal Borland

“Oh, listen. Listen!' A sound like a big crowd a good way off, excited and shouting, getting closer. We stand up and scan the empty sky. Suddenly there they are (the geese), a wavering V headed directly over the hilltop, quite low, beating southward down the central flyway and talking as they pass. We stay quiet suspending our human conversation until their garulity fades and their wavering lines are invisible in the sky.
They have passed over us like an eraser over a blackboard, wiping away whatever was there before they came.”
~Wallace Stegner

Thursday, February 23, 2017

the wind has followed me back to Canada

The wind whipped at our cheeks as Christina and I strode down the road this afternoon. We went north today as there are more windbreaks than the wide open expanses along the south route. Still, even with the shelter, my cheeks are red and burning and I have a bit of an earache. It was a bit like being back at Kirsten's but colder. Not much colder though - it topped off at 10C today. The gloom was heavy this morning but just as we started our walk a patch of sky cleared and the sun shone through.

I've been getting up at a more decent hour this week but my oh my it is a struggle. I've made very few inroads with regard to jet lag. I feel that I'm up against the 18 hour difference between our time zones, rather than the 6 hour plus one day change in time. I will keep at it. The lack of sleep is starting to affect my mood too - a whisper of anxiety and depression dogs my day. I'm working really hard on managing my thoughts and doing everything I can think of to help myself.

To help with my struggle we are going out and about during the day. Even just going for a drive in the country is a good diversion. Staying away from home in the afternoon when a nap seems so lovely has been very helpful. We've been having company at night too: Trudie & Leo for supper on Sunday, Jo Ellen and Don for supper on Monday, Pat for drinks on Tuesday. We've stopped the trend - I've run out of things to cook - but should keep it up.

As a diversion after my walk this afternoon I re-read my blog posts for my first trip to NZ (in 2013). It seems I had a good time that trip too ;-)  And also a long period of readjustment when I got home. Perhaps I have to cut myself a little slack.

"I have the choice of being constantly active and happy or introspectively passive and sad. Or I can go mad by ricocheting in between.”
~Sylvia Plath

Monday, February 20, 2017

celebrating birthdays

I'm still having trouble switching to this time zone. Getting up in the morning is monstrously hard; at bedtime sometimes I can fall asleep at a proper time while others have me craving something to eat and a late night. Luckily there is no rush and maybe it is easier on my system to take my time adjusting.

Saturday night we had a lovely supper at my parents. It was a large gathering with Olaf, Tammy and Freya; Kari & Trevor; Ed, Lynn and Ben, some longtime motorcycle friends. Dad had two good parties this year. Friday I whipped together a burnt sugar cake to crown the festivities.

Sunday we drove into town to visit Carm's mom. She still remembers me and asks about Mom and Dad as well. While there we got a phone call from Trudie & Leo: they were home from their trip south but were locked out of their house. We dashed off to rescue them. Of course we invited them for supper so Trudie didn't have to cook after a long trip home.

Trudie brought back some treasures, on of which is a little leather backpack or pannier for Spike to carry his treats in. It is beyond cute, but I'm not sure that Spike thought it was a good birthday gift as he's not crazy about stuff around his middle.

Hi there. It's Spike again. I see Laura forgot to tell you that it's my birthday, and that I'm 9. Nine seems like a big number but since I'm still the baby in the house it must not be that. When Laura gave me a kiss and a hug I felt like she might cry because I'm getting so old. She kept kissing me all day and telling me what a good boy I am. Of course she right, but she's just being silly saying it over and over. I did like it a bit though as I missed her so much when she was away visiting my other side of the world cousins. My friend Trudie brought me a present but I don't really like it. Everyone says it is really cute so maybe I'll put up with wearing it. It is a leather bag that fits over my back. Trudie says it can carry my treats so I guess that's okay.