Sunday, March 18, 2018

beautiful moments

Bright rays of sun are streaming into the living room, a refreshing change from many days of grey gloom. Unfortunately, icy winter weather is the price we are paying. A few days ago it was warm enough for the maple sap to start running, but now it is frozen in the veins of the giant conveyors of sugar.

Despite the number on the thermometer, the dark patches on the laneway continue to increase. Even today there is melting though the temperature hovers around -7C. The sun is strong.

The sky was cloud free yesterday too. I took a break from ‘housework’ to luxuriate in the bathtub. The sun was sparkling on the water, reflecting rainbows of brightness onto the wall. I could lie back and see the bright blue sky. The cardinal pecked at the window. It was the perfect setting for a few moments of mindfulness.

I’m trying to grab onto these beautiful moments as if they were a life raft. As so often happens this time of year, I am becoming weary. Physically tired yes, but it is more than that. It is a weariness of the spirit. The will to do things is weakening and thoughts of ‘I can’t be bothered’ enter my mind. I’ve been alert to these thoughts and shoo them away as quickly as possible. It isn’t really bad but I don’t want it to become worse so I push myself a bit harder and hope that I feel better soon.

All that housework yesterday was for a reason: Trudie and Leo came over for a simple meal of minestrone soup. It was going to be pasta fagioli (basically minestrone with pasta and with a fancy name), but as usual, I filled the pot so high that there was no room for the pasta. We now have another 3 containers of soup for the overflowing freezer. I can seriously take a break from cooking any day now!

Two weeks from today we will be getting onto the cruise ship. Spike will be depressed but I’m sure he’ll get over it.

You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.”
~Ray Bradbury

Friday, March 16, 2018

cardinal sin

Bang. Crash. Flutter… and on and on it went, starting at the crack of dawn and continuing through the day. Huh? A resplendent male cardinal has taken up residence in the tree outside our bedroom and is fighting with his reflection in the giant picture window. We’ve tried an outline of a predator bird, a life size photo of a person’s face, closing the blinds, but nothing has helped. I’ll have to start going to bed early if I’m going to be awake at 6:30 every morning :-(

Fur flew the other day when the poodles lost their heavy coats. Puffy poodles are now sleek hounds with only their heads puffy. Both dogs prance more now that they are cooler. Maybe they are just trying to stay warm, but they do seem perky.

Last night we had the annual birthday dinner at the Keg. It was early as Bruce & Carm’s birthday isn’t until March 27, but travel plans necessitated a change. Ummmm… large quantities of meat and unquious potato and those lovely little fried onions… errrrr… stomach ache all night. It was worth it though and we especially enjoyed the company.

I’ve been thinking about my writing lately and am not sure where I’m going with it. I no longer rush to put words down on the page: it often seems like more of a chore. Is it the fog in my brain? Or am I out of practice and have lost the discipline? There was a time that I’d do writing practice every day which consisted of 10 minutes of constant writing of whatever came into my head. I stopped doing that over a year ago.

I often don’t feel that I have anything to write about. I have become less mindful, moving through my day without noticing things. Writing was good for becoming more aware of what was going on around me. There was much that was good about writing a daily blog, even if only to detail the pleasures of the day.

I think I’ve talked myself into giving writing another go. I’ll try to rediscover the joy that I got from expressing myself.

Speaking of pleasures: Carm brought home some lovely orange yellow tulips that have been brightening up a corner of the kitchen. Their bright faces are like little suns in the murky indoor light (it hasn’t been sunny all that often lately, but wait, that’s not a pleasure!). With temperatures above zero the snow has been slowly melting. I love the feeling of my boot stepping into a pristine patch. The snow ‘gives’ under my foot in a most pleasing manner.

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”
~Anaïs Nin

Thursday, March 8, 2018


It figures… after days of beautiful dry roads today it had to snow. Mom and I had made plans to spend some time together, maybe poking around the mall and getting some steps in, but since I am a giant chicken when it comes to driving, we have rescheduled. So now, I’m sitting on the sofa watching giant snowflakes swirling around.

It just goes to show how long it was since I last wrote… last time we had just had supper at Jo Ellen and Don’s, this time we had them here last night. Curried potato soup was on the menu again. I made it a bit spicy hot, but I guess everyone enjoyed it.

Sunday night we had Pat B., Trudie & Leo for supper. We had gnocchi with mushroom sauce which is one of Carm’s favorites. It has been a while since I made supper without the instant pot!

The days are still blending into one another as the winter carries on. I don’t know what I do with my time.

Well… all that above was yesterday! I got distracted from finishing by the arrival of my repaired tablet! We got the call that it was ready not long past noon, and Carm, being my hero, drove into town to pick it up. So I spent some of my evening setting it up, vainly trying to get it where it was before the crash.

I spent some more time today and I think it is mostly recovered. More things will show up missing as I go to do something, but for now my morning routine is taken care of. Database updates, and I think blog entries, are settled.

There were a few very sad moments as two (so far) apps didn’t recover, and I can’t find them on the app store. Of course these are two that I use multiple times a day :-(  I found stand-ins for them, but it remains to be seen if they do the job or are just irritating. Or maybe they’ll be better! Gotta keep an open mind.

This whole exercise has shown me that my brain lacks plasticity. Switching from tablet to tablet is hard, it is like learning something new all over again, and the learning process is sticky. It doesn’t come easily. I need to start doing some brain exercises to flex those learning muscles some more.

All of this aside… I had a lovely walk and cuppa tea with Christina this afternoon :-) A more pleasant challenge for my brain.