Our Camper

Our camper is a 2010 Titanium 30e35SA that we purchased from Morry’s Trailer Sales in November 2012.

As of the end of October 2015 we have spent 256 nights in our little villetta. It is very comfortable and easy to live in for long periods - I think we'd be able to live full-time in it!

All the rest of this page is out-of-date. New things have been added, including new fabrics for pillows etc. Updates soon.


(Mostly) all loaded up with our stuff. I’d like a slightly different fabric for the pillows but I’m pretty happy with how it has turned out. It is much fancier than what we have at home, but since we’ll be camping… I guess we should be pretty formal?

We took one of the recliners out to make room for Grace’s cage, which we haven’t put it in yet as we’d like to find a non-toxic paint to freshen it up.

It has hardwood floors throughout the downstairs - I love them and imagine that it will be much easier to keep things clean. (I have a new small carpet, photos further down this page)

Doesn’t this look inviting? We will be taking the two back dining chairs out and tucking two dog beds against the wall. That will leave a bed for Bella and Kabira, Spike
will be under Grace’s cage. It will be nice to have the beds all tucked away – no more dogs sleeping underfoot! Wish us luck with that! Of course we also have 2 folding chairs behind the sofa for dinner guests :-)

Kabira enjoying the fireplace. It adds a nice ambience as well as kicking out 1500 watts of heat. Since we like camping in the early spring as well as the fall it will be a nice addition (although we have a space heater, but this is nicer!).

I’ve started hanging pictures and coat hooks. There isn’t much wall space but I like to have a few things hung up as it makes it seem more like home.

The kitchen has a nice layout and more counter space than our old camper. We may purchase a small rolling island to increase it further - I like to cook and can't always do my prep outside at the picnic table (which is my preference). It looks like a lot of cupboard space, but in fact it is the same or less than the old camper.

For the kitchen we got a hanging thing from Ikea (you can’t see it in the picture above, it is tucked under the counter – http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/10238148/" Fintorp baskets hook onto a rail that is mounted on the wall. It is very flexible and will give some extra counter space. One of the baskets is a cutlery stand – I like to keep the cutlery that we use all the time out of the drawer – the drawers are a bit to hard to open!

We installed another one on the other wall. (no photo yet).

Grace will have two windows to look out of. I think she’ll be very happy here. Or freaked out, in which case I'll have to partially cover her cage with a towel.


March 2012 - I finally found new fabric for the camper. It isn't installed yet, but this is what it looks like (btw, both chairs are from the camper and the little carpet will be in there as well):

p.s. dollar store plastic bins of all shapes and sizes help to organize my cupboards!


  1. Wow. Nicer than some homes I have been in!

  2. Hi there, I recently found your blog post about your caravan reno with the rose fabric. Can you please email me at kbraz1970@bigpond.com. I need to ask you some questions.