Saturday, November 27, 2010

Layers of Clouds

This morning I watched the layers of clouds racing in the sky. There were intermittent flurries with clear patches. The smaller darker clouds were enhanced against the highlight of the larger, lighter snow filled clouds, the darkest clouds were low on the horizon. Sillouted against the sky were small groups of geese, looking anxious to finally get on their way south.
I’m happily awaiting the arrival of Ruth and all the beasts – 2 dogs and 2 parrots. It will be a houseful! Everyone gets along well and its fun for the dogs and Grace to have friends come over. Luckily they are all good dogs so it won’t be frenetic! Carm and John will be along later as they are at Golf-o-Max for a fun afternoon of pseudo-golf.

I’ll have photos of the visit tomorrow.

Dogs sleeping late yesterday afternoon

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