Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Into the Teens!

Yup, that’s right – 18 more working days, 37 calendar days. Today I felt a thrill of excitement as I told a few people. There’s so little time left!!!!

Welcome to my new follower “Me and My Dog”. She’s in the planning stages of going full-time in an RV with her little dog. She’s brave to be doing it alone!   Welcome also to Andy. He’s renovating an older class A with the aim to also full-time. Looks like he’s got his work set out for him but he’s got a great sense of humour which will surely help him to get there. And another welcome - this time to Dawn and Denise – who are also getting ready to full-time. The idea of selling everything, having no real commitments and hitting the road is a dream for many. This dream is flitting around the outskirts of my consciousness but hasn’t really crystallized. Check out their blogs in my blog list.

Today’s high is 14C! Its November 23rd - how crazy is that? Today at lunch I went for a short walk down Wellington St. and then back on Sparks St. It felt warm; the sun was just coming out after a day of rain and was highlighting some of the architectural features above street level. I stopped and stood there for a minute or two, taking in the workmanship and noticing how the light struck the surfaces (and I took a couple of photos). So often I just rush down the street and fail to notice my surroundings. I’m trying to practice being more in the moment so that I don’t live so much in my head. After a lifetime of living there it’s hard to make the change.

I had coffee this morning with two co-workers and their spouses. They were off to the first day of a retirement course. Don is already retired – no matter what’s being discussed the mellow demeanour stays. The others seemed slightly anxious and a bit stressed.  I’m somewhere in the middle – the stressed feeling most likely won’t leave until after my last day of work and I suspect the mellowness will be soon to follow.

The merriam-webster.com word of the day is “venerate”. It means to regard with reverential respect or with admiring deference; or; to honour (as an icon or a relic) with a ritual act of devotion. "Venerate" implies a holding as holy or sacrosanct because of character, association, or age. After thinking about it all day I decided that this is not a word that I can use in the context of my own life – can you?