Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Two more work days have passed (14 left!). I’m busy getting things in order before I leave but unfortunately I’m also back to stressing, not about leaving, but about the work still to be done.

Zack and Bubbers
Today’s word of the day is cacophony, which means harsh or discordant sound, dissonance; specifically harshness in the sound of words or phrases. This is a word I used a lot when we had Zack and Bubbers, Blue and Gold Macaws. They were LOUD - harsh is a kind way to describe their voices. It was certainly a cacophony when they were vocalizing.

Zack and Buhbers were pets for a few years before they got their nest box. After they were breeding they only had eyes for each other, especially during breeding season – that’s also when they got really noisy. Despite the loudness, they were a lovely pair of birds with funny, charming personalities. They were also two of the nicest looking B&G's that I’ve seen. We have lots of fond memories of them, both as pets and as breeders. They had several clutches of babies, including a clutch of 3 that went to work with me to be hand fed. At feeding time they were the star attraction of the ladies room (men used to come in to see them too)! It was a sad day when Zack and Bubbers left to go to their new home – I still can’t really talk about it. Unfortunately unforeseen circumstances can sometimes change the course of ones life. 

3 macaw babies

On days like the past two, when I’m stuck in the office and the weather is cold and rainy, it’s hard to find an Idle Pleasure. They seem to be so much more plentiful when I’m at home or at least not in this dreary office. Perhaps I just have to try harder to find pleasure where there is none to be had. Okay – how is this – close your eyes and let the cacophony of the office fade from your consciousness, imagine for a moment that you are in another place. I  think I’ll practice this often for the next month.

I got another set of slipcovers from Sears – but they were horrible so they are going back and I’ve ordered 2 more sets. One of these next sets better be right otherwise I'm not sure what I'll do. I wish they had swatches of the fabrics at their catalogue outlets as that would save a lot of back and forth.