Friday, November 26, 2010

Not A Frenetic Friday

This morning dawned as a dark and dreary day, not only that, but the trees, roads and everything else outside was covered with ice. This is the 2nd morning of freezing rain this winter – it doesn’t bode well. Mid morning I glanced outside to see the sun sparkling off water and ice. I ran outside with my camera to capture a few images. That was my idle pleasure today – a little interlude outside. It’s a good thing I didn’t hold off as the clouds once again gathered in the sky, obscuring the sun.

photo from the fall

I've seen huge flocks of Canada Geese today - the weather must be warning them that its time to finally head south. They head down in waves starting in October - these must be the last to leave - a sure sign of winter's arrival.

Oh oh - today's merriam-webster word of the day - Frenetic (frenzied or frantic) - perfectly describes me when I’m at my most manic. 

I’m rushing (not frenetically!) around the house today getting ready for overnight company tomorrow. We are happy to have Ruth and John, and all their beasts come for a visit – it’s been far too long since the last one. First thing on the agenda – wash the spare room sheets. One would think that would be a simple task – but no. That bedroom became a dumping ground for all the bedding, dog blankets, sewing stuff, etc. that had been in my office. So I just shifted it back to the office! Easy peasy. It’s bad when tidying just means shifting the piles from one temporary spot to another. High up on my list of things to do is to organize a (mouse proof) spot in the basement for all this extra linen.

And to make today an especially nice Friday, my friend Christina came over for tea. One of the things I'm most looking forward to (other than not having to get out of bed at 5am) is having more time for friends.

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