Sunday, November 28, 2010

Friends Leaving

Cato & Bailey
We have another cloudy day today, this time with no sunny breaks. It’s depressing.

Today’s word of the day is dishevelled – marked by disorder or disarray – it very accurately describes my hair when I get out of bed. Also describes my brain when I’m tired, like today.

We had a lovely visit with Ruth and John. Spike was excited to have friends over – Kabira less so. She’s very insecure and worried about the other dogs – she was staring to come around though. I think she’d need a few days before she’d be totally comfortable. Unfortunately we don’t see them often enough for the visits to carry over for her.

Bella loves any dog that will play with her – and barks in their face to let them know.

Grace, Cato and Bailey were quiet with all the dog commotion. At one point Bailey flew off his perch, right, and I mean right, over Kabira's head – she watched him but made no move to get him – whew. The dogs were really more interested in the food being dropped on the floor than the birds – they are used to Grace. 

Aren't we good dogs!

Carm packing up Bailey for the trip home

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  1. Love the pet photos!! You need to submit them to my new website for Featured Pet of the Week.