Thursday, November 18, 2010


The weather today was cloudy, cold and windy – high of only 3C. Friday’s forecast has changed from sunny and not too cold, to cloudy with flurries – YUCK!  Winter seems like it’s just around the corner. I hope the snow holds off until Christmas time.  I was hoping for Friday’s sun to get me motivated to wash the walls in the front hall in preparation for painting. Thoughts of snow-birding have taken over my daydreams. Wouldn't it be wonderful to pack up the family into the camper and head south for the winter. 

Todays idle pleasure – signing my resignation.

Today was the day. My official resignation has been tendered – the documents signed and the letter sent out. Finally. Despite HR.  I’ve been afraid to get excited or even think about it very much just in case it doesn’t happen, but now I think I can start believing.  Does it seem more real today than yesterday? Perhaps. But it still seems a bit surreal, in some ways even more so than before.  Only 42 calendar days to go now (which also means that Christmas is even closer - gotta get cracking!).


  1. How exciting - I can't wait, but I have a little more than a year until I retire - if I can stand it that long!

  2. A year will go by in a flash! I started counting the working day then. I have a calendar program that prints out calendars - I coloured all the non-working days in grey which then left all the dreaded working days white. Then I crossed off each day. The visual was good :)