Creative Writing

Alone - This was my first try at writing a bit of fiction. It is based on a man that I saw eating alone at a restaurant.

Cemetery - about two women meeting at a cemetery.

Embrace - a story about love.

Green Fields - about a dog.

Prairie - a man's love of the open spaces of the prairies.

Alberta Adventure - a dog's journal about his trip to Alberta.

Casa Musica - re-write of Alone. Almost 2000 words to complete the story.

Whispered Encouragements - a story of a homeless man

An Angel in the Rear View Mirror - a possible ending for Whispered Encouragements

Write Your Life or Write it Now - is a writing group at my local public library that I joined in September of 2014. I joined near the end of the program, and continued back at WYL #1 at the beginning of 2015.

WYL #1 - Early Years, My ancestors: Coming Together

WYL #2 - My arrival and early childhood: Right on Time

WYL #3 - Challenges: A Moving Story

WYL #4 - Being a Child: Puff, Wonderful Gift

WYL #5 - Early School Years, ages 6 to 12

WYL #5b - Early School Years, ages 6 to 12: Eternal Summer

WYL #6 - Special Moments in Childhood: Christmas in Norway

WYL #7 - Ages 13 to 18: High School Years

WYL #8 - Reflections on Friendship: Roly Poly Fish Heads

WYL #9 - Just for Laughs: Mother's Day

WYL #10 - Leaving Home: My Own Place

WYL #11a - Love: The Things We Do for Love

WYL #11b - Marriage: Knock Three Times

WYL #12 to be done at a later date

WYL #13 - Family Life: The first evidence I had of Love

WLY #14a - Jobs and Careers: Not a Cowboy (first try on this topic)

WYL #14b - Jobs and Careers (second try)

WYL #15 - Those years in between: Let's get this show on the road

WYL #16a - Where were you then: Ice storm of 1998

WYL #17a - Turning Points

WYL #18 - Gifts of Life: Alberta Cattle Drive

WYL #19 - Time to Brag: Imprinting

WYL #20 - Spirituality

WYL #21 - On the lighter side: On Iron Wings

WYL #22 - Highs and Lows: Raising the Roof

WYL #22b - Birdroom

------ and this brings me back to my beginning of this project

WYL #23 - Influential People  This was my introduction to the group - gulp!

WYL #24 - The Golden Years

WYL #25 - Generation to Generation

WYL #26 - Change

WYL #27 - Happiness

WYL #28 - Preferences

WYL #29 - Commandments

WYL #30 - Giving Advice

WYL #31 - Who are you Really

WYL #31b - Perseverance - the other side of life (another take on being bipolar)

WYL #32 - Perspectives of Life

WYL #33 - A Look Back

These stories are extra but follow the idea of the Write Your Life/Write it Now program.

WYL #100 - Auntie Rena's Farm

WYL #101 - Haying Time

In September 2015 I participated in a Creative Writing workshop:

Week 1
    a: Describe a Room
    b: describe downtown Russell
    c: show not tell for three words

Week 2 - dialogue between 3 woman in a bar

Week 3 - dialogue and description between 2 men on a plane

Week 4 - Come Sail Away

Week 5 - Homeland

Week 6 - Unfinished Song

Week 7 - fictional account of a real life event