Monday, November 15, 2010

Chasing My Tail

24 working days till retirement. As it gets closer it seems more surreal - what is life going to be like without doing the "going to work" routine everyday? The other day when he was in the shower, Carm said "I wonder if I'll shave everyday?". It seems like a silly question - after all who really cares - but it struck me as representative of all the questions I have about our future.

Entry #1 for the Pursuit of Idle Pleasures - Chasing your tail!  I love watching Spike when he sometimes - chases his tail - it’s the quintessential just being silly cause you can! His eyes just shine with happiness and excitement for being alive. When I jump around dancing to the music its that same sort of feeling - I'm SILLY, I'm ALIVE! Its not such an Idle pleasure, but its not producing anything of use so it counts for me.

The not so idle pleasures in the last week have been painting. From pink to green the transformation in the living room and kitchen is complete. What a difference. I wondered how long it would take me to get used to the green - after all the pink has been there for 16 years and I liked it - but as soon as it was done I LOVED it :-)  It’s a nice fresh look, crisp against the white trim and cupboards. It feels like sitting under a lightly shaded tree on a sunny summer day - exactly what I was hoping for! We used "Silver Leaf" (a mid sage/moss green) on the walls, with Sea Cliff (blue) on the bit below the window seat as well as a wall in the front hall. Who comes up with those names? The two look great together and really bring all the new fabrics together (now to get sewing).

Next on the painting list - the front hall. The blue looks HORRIBLE against the pink - just the motivation we need to move on with the project. Its colour is still a toss-up - the same green as the living room, or a coordinating light blue.

Thanks to Tammy for helping me to pick out the paints and fabric - I can't wait for you to see it.

During her visit in late October Tammy helped me to test the colour

In all that activity we did take a few minutes to remember our soldiers on Rememberance Day. How lucky we are to have had so many selfless souls looking out for our freedom. In Flanders Fields…  We were lucky enough to have the F18s (? someone correct me if I have the wrong planes) fly over our house. They always bring tears to my eyes - I think because I spent some of my formative years at an airforce base and they are a reminder of something - I'm not sure what. Or maybe everyone feels that way when they see and hear the planes overhead?

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