Monday, November 22, 2010

I’ve NOT Got it All Covered

My idle pleasure today was enjoying time spent staring at a photo of Presquile on my office wall and day dreaming about our trip there this past summer. It was taken just after a brief rain shower – it had been overcast and raining when suddenly the sun was shining with the brightness and beauty which is only seen after the darkness of a storm. If I concentrate and don’t allow the noise of the office to intrude I can almost recapture the feeling of being there.

Freezing rain then high of 9 –the drive to work during bad weather will be one of the things I will not miss when we are no longer working. I get stressed but try (TRY) not to let it show. However, “Should we be going this fast” is sure to be blurted out at least once as we drive and there are probably indents in the armrest. What pleasure it will be to stay in bed until daybreak (or later), and then watch the weather from the comfort of home.

I spent some time this weekend wondering about what I’m going to DO when I have day after endless day in front of me. I didn’t have much to do this weekend since the only project on the go are the pillow cushions and I don’t have the piping filler to at least start making piping (and I’m not in the right mental state anyway). I don’t have a particular folk-art painting project in mind yet. The house painting was too a big job. I wasn’t exactly bored cause I do have the recipe project, but I wasn’t really engaged either. I felt at loose ends – a feeling that I think I’ll be getting familiar with. I’ve started a list of topics that I may want to write about and I’ll also start a list of things that I could be doing.

What do other people do to fill the time and engage their minds? It’s terrible to be worried about this before I’m even retired!

Tonight we picked up the wing chair slipcovers that I ordered from Sears. I ordered 2 models, both in dreaded beige, but I figured that was less tricky than trying to match yet another green. Well – I was wrong. If only they had been beige, instead of the dark tan that they ended up being. I’ll take them back and try others.