Tuesday, December 5, 2023

ring that bell!

 It was an emotional few minutes this morning as Mom emerged from her last radiation treatment and rang the bell! There was a rushed flurry of photo & video taking… I should have stuck with photos as I don't seem to know the video controls of my phone camera - dooh! Luckily Kirsten got a great video - not sure about Graham's photos.

Saturday's birthday dinner for Marie was great fun with lots of spirited conversations and laughter. And we were home by 6:30! 

Trees from tiny to tall spewed from a bunch of plastic bins and bags on Sunday. Garlands supplanted window swags, gold bows glimmering under the coloured lights strung around the living room. The Christmas tree was triumphantly carried from the basement to its December place of honour.

opening her last present from the basket of daily gifts that Kari and her siblings sent.

Of course I spent a ‘certain’ amount of time looking for one wayward tree and a few angels. I'd like to say that it was a joyous day but unfortunately rummaging through our house full of junk dashed my spirits… Once it was done with all the candles and fairy lights, I sat back and felt happy, or at least as happy as I could with snow in the forecast... 

Part of my angst was triggered by the upcoming storm bearing down on us. The plan was for me to drive into town Monday afternoon to spend the night at Mom & Dad's in readiness for today's early morning appointment. No big deal right? Ha ha, for most people but I have an irrational fear of driving in the snow… like an almost freakout fear… I’d rather not be so stressed out but no matter what I tell myself, panic sets in. As it turns out, the snow stopped by midday on Monday, so by the time I left for the city, the roads were reasonably clear but slushy… Thankfully the traffic was light so I was able to take my time and I did it, sure my knuckles were white but still!

Kirsten spent the night too, so we had a nice little family evening with Mom dozing in her chair.


“the trees were gorgeous”

“arriving at Mom's safe and sound”

“twinkling lights”

“coloured lights”

and the most awesome of all?

“Mom's last radiation appointment!!!”

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