Thursday, May 16, 2024

lily pink

 I breathed a sigh of relief this afternoon after checking off three of the biggest (for this week) tasks. The camper has been dewinterized and the fresh water tank is being sanitzed as we speak. I'll leave the bleachy water in until Saturday morning and then will flush it with fresh. We'll be ready to hit the road! Bar a few miscellaneous tasks, like loading the fridge and most critical, checking the weather forecast (will the ground be dry enough to pull into our spot without excitement?)

My mind has been spinning with to-do's for the last week so I've been pushing myself through tremendous exhaustion. Yeah… the doctor wanted me off all cannabis before surgery and I'm afraid I use(d) it nightly to help with sleep, hot flashes, and anxiety. My anxiety has been more or less under control without it, but GOSH sleep is just not happening… and the hot flashes are intolerable. It seems that every time I drift to sleep I start to boil which makes me wake up fully so I have to go through the whole get to sleep routine again. I'm having them multiple times an hour… day and night 😞 

Last night I went to my big gun emergency meds to give myself at least one good night of sleep. It mostly worked but I need another night or two to get caught up.

In between getting through my task list, I've been trying to visit Pat in the hospital as often as possible. Luckily she (was) in the local hospital which is just 25 minutes away. She was finally released into the wild yesterday!

Speaking of hospitals… I finally got all the appointments for the surgery. Two next week (one for inserting the magnetic seed, and the other just a pre-op appointment). The week after I have one to insert dye into my lymph nodes to identify the ‘sentinel’ nodes, and then surgery the next day on the 28th! I'm looking forward to getting it all over with.

But you can see why I'm a bit stressed about getting everything done! There are a few tasks that require lifting heavy things, there's also planting (we've got some of our plants but still need more), clipping Lupa, and countless other things to get done - in between 4 days of appointments. One of my biggest stressors is having to rush from place to place - that's sure to get my brain in a bad spot.

Carm's been getting some good golf rounds in!

Sunday we dashed into town to wish Mom for Mother's Day and then dashed home again to get ready for Leo's 80th birthday party that afternoon. The weather cooperated so about 20 of us gathered around Trudie's huge outdoor table and enjoyed an afternoon of congenial conversation :-) There were lots of people that we knew and some that we made new connections with.

Oh, the bird feeder is about to come down - I'll miss the birds but not the squirrels. Lately we've had a rose-breasted grosbeak and a red-bellied woodpecker. A lone turkey lurks somewhere on the property. There's always a few other woodpeckers, jays, cardinals, goldfinches, chickadees, nuthatches, sparrows, red-wing blackbirds, mourning doves, and others not on the top of my head.  Last night we saw a hummingbird at the lilac tree.


“Carm jumped in the pool today - first swim 2024 18C”

“I followed later in the afternoon when it reached a ‘balmy’ 19C brrrr”

“lilacs in bloom”

“beautiful lilies that Carm got me last week”

“getting to my goal weight”

“shopping for new clothes - size 8!”

“time on the treadmill”

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