Friday, February 7, 2014

Blown Away

We picked up the snow blower on Thursday. Not literally though, as it weights a couple of hundred pounds. To back up a few hours, we had a "discussion" about getting it delivered as I was pretty sure it would be too heavy for me to lift (it was). My arguments didn't hold any weight (ha ha), so off we went in the truck. After the transaction had been completed, Carm and the young (strong) man loaded it into the back of the truck.

Ok, we got it home, now what.

As we've done many times in the past, we let our brains do the work. Carm manoeuvred the truck up against the front deck (again, we are glad we haven't gotten around to putting up a railing – procrastination sometimes pays off!). A few heavy boards and we had a ramp between truck and deck. From the deck it was another ramp, with easy steps to get to the ground. I had to lift at one point, but only for a few seconds.



As soon as we pushed it away from the house (man that thing is heavy), we fired it up and took turns blowing snow around. I'm pretty sure I just ended up blowing a bunch of yellow snow into my face though :-/ Regardless, it was fun to test it out; but, I know FOR SURE it would not be fun to do the whole laneway. I figure it would take close to 2 hours (at least) to get it done, so we will certainly be sticking with our snow guy.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. ~ Henry Ford