Monday, September 19, 2016

busy birthday weekend

I'm sitting here in a few minutes of quiet, just the ticking of the clock and a train whistle in the distance. After a busy weekend with family and friends it is time for a rest.

a little while later…

My eyes are squinted against the bright sun and my skin prickles with a light sheen of sweat. It may be past mid September, but the sun is at high summer wattage.

Back to my fun and busy birthday weekend.

It started Friday late afternoon when my mom arrived at her rented cottage just across the lagoon from us. She joined us for the evening after she got settled in her temporary home. We talked way past my bedtime.

Saturday Mom went home to pick up my dad. After a late walk with the dogs we hung around the front gate waiting for them, and for my brother Olaf, his wife Tammy, and their 4 year old daughter Freya to arrive at the campground. A mixup in directions meant Olaf didn't arrive till later than expected so we gave up waiting and went back to the camper.

We had hardly gotten settled back at camp when Trudie & Leo showed up laden with presents, wine and a giant cheese tray. Not long after that everyone else showed up at our camper so we all jumbled in taking every seat and standing surface. Nine people is a big load on the camper - it felt like a party.

Everyone left in pairs, leaving us with Tammy, Freya, and Olaf for a visit which is lovely as we so rarely get to see them except in a crowd.  They left at Grace & the dogs supper time so we quickly fed the beasts then joined everyone over at the cabins. It was pitch dark by the time my other brother, Graham and his kids arrived to make the gathering complete (as complete as it could be without Kirsten's family).

(You’ll have to indulge this auntie while I recount a few cute 4 year old comments: Freya asked Tammy why the cabins didn’t have a second floor. Tammy replied that they were little cottages and didn’t need the second floor. Freya responded with ‘oh, you mean a bungalow’.  After lunch on Sunday Freya tracked my mom down to tell her ‘thank you for the lovely lunch’. Cute)

Sunday was much the same: visits at our camper and visits at the cabin. The day went quickly and before we knew it everyone was hitting the road to home. Mom stayed an extra night for a bit of R&R. We were going to the Acapulco for supper but Mom turned us down in favour for an evening by herself.

A night out with friends capped off a fun filled birthday weekend :-)

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