Friday, September 16, 2016

calm repose on autumn day


Plans for our cruise are well underway. Jo Ellen and Don visited us on Tuesday afternoon so we could pick and book our excursions. Done. It was a hot day and windy so the awning had to be rolled up mid afternoon. We all ventured inside until the shade crept onto our site far enough to fit 4 chairs. It was wonderful to have another day of summer.

Wednesday was grey and cool so there was no sitting outside for us. We did take a marathon walk with the dogs - they were panting and dragging their feet partway through.

Today is a peaceful easy feeling sort of day. I puttered in the morning getting a curried squash soup bubbling in the crockpot, then we went for a long walk. It is just 3.5 km but that is enough for the dogs, and my shin splints (ouch). It is sunny but not really hot - a perfect September day. Until I got stung by a wasp, right on a sensitive part. I rushed in to put some Afterbite on which seemed to work as it only swelled up a bit. Hurt like crazy all night though.

We had a late afternoon visit with Burt and Susan, people we met here but also know from the Titanium rally. They were kind enough to invite us over for a campfire after supper. Back at the trailer, we did the usual pet chores and enjoyed our own supper of hot soup then geared up in lots of warm clothes for the campfire. It was freezing and I wished for some winter gear. Still, it was a lovely visit.


Hot and sunny today. Well, at least it feels hot as the temp isn't due to go over 23C, but with the sun shining so strongly it feels burny.

Carm left in the morning to see about getting our headlight replaced (it is behind one of the batteries so a bit of a trick), and to the driving range for a taste of the golf course. I sat outside with the dogs and Grace until we all needed a break from the sun (how lucky is that!). When he got back we ate drippy tomato sandwiches, then took the dogs for a longish walk. Too hot for the super walk though.

Carm ran into two ladies with their arms full of puppies and had to bring them over to see me. OMG, they were adorable, and thankfully all spoken for as I felt my resolve to eventually get down to two dogs weaken for a few minutes. There should be a special hat or something to ward off puppy breath.

Today the crockpot is host to pepperoncini beef which I'm making ahead for Sunday's lunch with the family.

"The softened light, the veiling haze,
The calm repose of autumn days,
Steal gently o'er the troubled breast,
Soothing life's weary cares to rest."
~Phebe A. Holder

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