Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Yesterday I woke up in a roar. I was cranky and miserable, really not any fun to be around. It was pretty obvious my mood was shifting, or if I had been better at foreshadowing, perhaps a sign that something bad was about to happen.

Grumble, grumble. I tried to settle into some activities but couldn’t. Then I decided to download some photos off my camera so I could futz with them on my tablet. Get the cables, attach camera, flip switch. nothing. undo everything and try again. still no luck. reboot tablet and try again. dead. futz around for ages till my battery was getting low. Plugged it in at over 30% charge. check 15 minutes later. 25%... and so it went, draining and draining despite being connected to the charger. Quick backup of my database, then bite the bullet and set tablet back to factory - which basically removed EVERYTHING :-(

Now I was really miserable and had a reason for it.

Carm made some phone calls to find out where to take the tablet to be repaired and then like the wonderful husband that he is, today drove to the other side of the city to drop off the damaged goods.

In the meantime, I’ve recharged my old tablet and restored a few things. I guess I’ll survive.

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