Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Finding Nimo, errr, Velcro


There was a beautiful sunset last night – red clouds with flashes of blue sky. As I sat in the car enjoying it (I was the passenger!), I wondered if animals appreciate the beauty around them, or if we humans were the only ones to appreciate Natures gift?

You probably don’t remember, but several months ago I just about tore the house apart looking for something. I looked for HOURS, but to no avail. Yesterday, I went into the old bird room to look at some work Carm had done in there – I happened to glance down at the little table and… yes… THERE IT WAS!!! I have NO idea why it was there, it was the last place I would have put it. I figure that either we have a poltergeist, or I had it in my hand to put it away and something distracted me. And the crazy thing (as if there were just one!), I can’t even remember what I wanted it for!

Bjorn commented on a post the other day – oh, my NZ post – and mentioned that his 11 year old grandson has started reading Lord of the Rings, in English. Now that might not seem remarkable (although it is a young age to be reading it), but his grandson is Norwegian!

Jo Ellen and Don came by for supper the other night, bearing movies. Both movies were worth watching: Quartet, and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Even Carm enjoyed them, which was something as there was no killing or explosions, and probably no special effects either.

I got a lovely gift from JE&D, beautiful pink tulips. They bring the promise of spring into the house :-)

And speaking of spring, we are having a respite from the frigid cold these last few days. I hope it is enough to melt all the ice from the driveway (which I refuse to walk on), but I really doubt it. We had let a thick layer of snow build up to protect the gravel surface from the snowplough. It is nice not to freeze though.



Life isn't about finding yourself. It's about creating yourself. ~George Bernard Shaw