Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Long, Quiet Stretches

I hadn’t been out of the house since before the new year, so it was strange to be in the car. The temps were in the mid negative teens (C), and the wind was howling so strongly that I had trouble with the gate. I was all for turning around and getting back inside the house, but it was Carm’s mom’s 86th birthday and we were taking her out for lunch. The local roads were ice covered, thankfully when we got onto the highway the going was almost ice-free.

His mom enjoyed her outing, and hopefully felt special – the staff at Swiss Chalet brought over a cake at the end of our meal, all singing and clapping.

We were right at Critter Jungle (pet store), so while Carm took his mom to the bank I deeked into CJ to look around. They had the cutest Sherpa lined sweatshirts for dogs, perfect for Kabira. The decision to get it didn’t take long (even though it cost a fortune)! Unfortunately when we tried it on her at home, it was too small. But it gave me an idea for making one like it – just need to get to the fabric store  (hummm, maybe a discount clothing store for a sweatshirt that I can modify).


Speaking of the dogs, Archie has settled in well, and our dogs have (mostly) stopped growling at him. Bella is rather protective of the kitchen. We’ve been just going out for quick business, but since today is much warmer we went out for a little walk in the hay field.

Spike went crazy, running top speed up to the far top corner (about 900ft), and then down and across the cow pasture. Part of his joy was having the “cone” off. He has been scratching at his ear and made it all scabby and even more itchy. I still had the cone from his neutering all those 5+ years ago (it sometimes pays not to throw things out!). He is SO good about getting it put on, and even comes over on his own volition when I pick it up to put it back on. He doesn’t seem to view it as a punishment, but just something that must be endured.



I’ve been back to healthy eating, which is going well. I’m still sticking with the weights and ab exercises – I can actually start to see definition in my arms (which is reasonably exciting for me). 

The other thing I’m doing is cutting out/down is caffeine – no more coffee, except decaf; just a cup of green tea; and the rest herbal tea. I picked up “Lemon Zinger” yesterday – yum.

There is some research to suggest that a plant based diet may help with mood disorders – good motivation to keep with the Eat to Live eating plan.

I’ve been reading the grammar book that Carm got me – I’m more confused than ever about punctuation! Please feel free to message me about any mistakes – you can be my professor, some of you might even be English teachers ;-) For instance, I’m pretty sure I got the punctuation wrong in the sentence about coffee/tea…

That’s all that’s new in 2014. I sure found lots to talk about even though nothing much is happening! I guess you are probably used to my babbling on though :-o


There is a privacy about it which no other season gives you...In spring, summer, and fall people sort of have an open season on each other; only in the winter, in the country, can you have longer, quiet stretches when you can savour belonging to yourself. ~Ruth Stout