Sunday, January 26, 2014

Women of a Certain Age

I still don't have much going on. I am reluctant to go even outside, let alone go somewhere in the car - I just can't take the cold this year. I'm quite content to look out the windows at the frozen wasteland, and feel no real need to actually experience it!

Thank goodness for the treadmill; at least I'm still moving! At the beginning of last week I started putting on my treadmill clothes as soon as I get up. Guess what - I haven't missed a day since. When I am dressed and ready, it is so easy to say to myself, just 10 minutes – even when I don’t really feel like it. Once I'm on, the 10 minutes easily stretches into 30, and often more (this morning I made the 10 minute promise and ended up at 90 minutes!).

We watched a tv program about the Eagles last night - very informative. I'll be honest, I didn't really like the Eagles, associating them mainly with "Hotel California". Well, DUH! There is a ton of other music that I do like - A LOT. I kept shaking my head with each song they presented; how did I not know it was done by them? More 70s music to add to my embarrassingly large collection. The 70s - my formative years as a music lover.

I'll be downloading a few Linda Ronstadt songs as well - she was in some of the scenes and is a talented musician with a lovely voice.

I haven't moved forward very far with my sewing projects. I did get Kabira's new outfit finished - she is happy to wear the lighter fleece version during the day. I did some mods to her other outfit (I added another layer on the back), so she is toasty warm at night. Which is a good thing, as the weather has turned cold again. The bedroom is freezing, but I'm happy to sleep out of the covers much of the time (something about being a woman of a certain age). Oh my gosh! "A woman of a certain age", I guess that's me now.

I read somewhere that 60% of certain age woman have insomnia. This is not a good thing for me as sleep, or lack thereof, is a sure trigger for hypo-mania. My mood is holding out, although yesterday morning I did have a minor freak out about sleeping so little (again).

Last night I did a little better, but was up at 6am :-(  Considering I try for 9 or 10 hours, a measly 7 just won’t do. One would think that with the extra time in my day I’d be really productive. Not so. Instead I spent time on my computer designing forms that will hopefully keep me motivated in my fitness and weight loss regime. If only the work of planning would do the actual work. Twenty nine years of working, where the work was writing and documenting (as well as other technical work), has me convinced that the form is all that is required. Oh, I’m not wording this right, I hope you get what I’m trying to say…

One of the big lessons I had to learn with horseriding, is that just reading about something, and learning it intellectually, would not transcribe into my body knowing what to do. It was very frustrating.

I think the lack of sleep is showing itself in this long, boring, rambling post!

Take it easy, take it easy
don't let the sound of your own
wheels make you crazy
~The Eagles