Thursday, April 10, 2014

Blustery Spring Day

Although the thermometer says it is 12C, when I stepped outside the door it did not feel that way. The wind is raging, shaking the house and flexing the windows - nothing quite like the sight of windows flexing to prove the strength of the wind...

The flood has risen to its maximum and has now receded. Not to within its banks, but no longer blocking access to "homestead" hill. Enough water remains to make comfortable spaces for the flotillas of honking geese. Other birds are returning, singing their joyful songs. The earth comes alive!

We haven't seen the skunk for a few days now - our fingers are crossed, hoping that he has found somewhere more suitable to hang out.

Oh joy, oh joy  - it is Masters week... in case you are lucky enough to be unfamiliar with it, this is the week where hours and hours of golf drones on. The sound of the broadcast has an almost instant "it's time for a nap" effect. With the pvr we can record the earlier play, so that we can watch it into the night - spreading the misery into the darkness. Hummm... might be a reason for a bottle of bubbles sometime in the next few days - to numb the effects!

At the beginning of the week was Bella's ninth birthday! She is as spry as she has always been, ready for a game or hunt at the slightest provocation. Bella has always enjoyed watching TV, and this has not changed. She has all the commercials with dogs or cats memorized, and stops whatever she is doing to run over to watch. A few years back we used to watch Ceasar Milan - Bella thought this was wonderful and would sit through an entire episode... unless it was a repeat!