Friday, April 11, 2014

Slip Sliding Away

It is official! Spring is here. Almost all of the snow has disappeared (overnight it seems), the sun was strong, and... we put out the slides on the camper! (those are the bits that slide out to make it bigger inside). Dead flies and ladybugs were everywhere, so before anything else was done I got out the vacuum and got to work. It seemed that I'd do an area, move on to the next bit, and then there'd be more in the last area I vacuumed. I think it will take a few days to get them all out.

But in the meantime, we made our plans to have our first "camping" supper! I felt excited and energized (or was that the cup of coffee that I had this afternoon?). Regardless, I ran around getting things ready -  LED candles that I got for Christmas, mp3 music player, bubbles in the fridge... you get the idea. Playing house.

It was a lovely evening with shwarma and icy bubbles. No TV, just lovely music. Kinda like a date night. We talked about our trip last summer, and looked forward to our trips this summer.

We usually put a mouse trap in the camper for the winter. This year was no exception - we think. At one point there were signs of mice - we were sure we had already put a trap out, but couldn't find it. Put a few more traps in place, but never caught a mouse, and no more sign that one was there? We figured it had gotten caught in the first trap, but didn't get killed and dragged the trap somewhere. Today there was no sign of it anywhere. And there are seriously not that many places for one to hide - especially dragging a trap. No doubt it will turn up under the covers in the bed or some other equally awful place!