Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I Love to Laugh

Like most people, I love to laugh. These days there isn't much on TV that I find funny - most of the sitcoms are too artificial and forced feeling, even Big Bang Theory is starting to lose the laughs. Recently though we made a discovery on BBC Canada that gives us a few chuckles most nights. "The Graham Norton Show", is a British talk show that generally has 3 or 4 guests, plus a musical guest. It is somewhat off the wall, as British shows often are. I am always impressed by someone who can come up with one liners, and funny quips off the cuff, and it seems that there is often someone skilled on the show. So far we've been watching re-runs, so I'm happy to know there is lots for us to catch up with.

The rest of our TV watching (when we aren't  watching CNN - anyone hear the breaking news on the plane...), is educational. It seems we've seen how everything on earth is made, and there are interesting shows on the Cosmos on occasionally. Of course there is Business News Network, and the auto show, and I can't forget golf. You can see why some old BBC comedy show holds appeal!

We were happy to get out of the house for a while today as yesterday I made 2 batches of dehydrated hotdog treats... the smell of over-cooked hotdogs is slow to dissipate. Carm dropped me off at my parents so that I could catch up with them as they just returned from their trip to NZ. After we left their place we went to the fabric store, which is certainly Carm's favorite place - seriously? how could anyone not love looking at all those interesting fabrics? It didn't take me too long though to find what I was looking for, so he didn't have to suffer for long.

The weather was sunny, but windy and below zero. Nice if you were just looking out the window. Yuck if you had to stick your nose outside into the wind. Oh Spring, where art thou?

Our dance class last night was fun. Yes, we were bumbling idiots, but the teachers are great, and don't make us feel too stupid. We learned a few more fancy steps, including a spin that is sure to have me on the floor!

Laughter is the sound of the soul dancing. My soul probably looks like Fred Astaire.” ― Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not for Sale