Friday, April 24, 2015

Blue wherever I am

It isn't Monday and it isn't raining but still the grey clouds press down, filling my head with melancholy. I putzd around the house in the morning trying to find relief until, finally, Carm suggested a drive. I can't count the number of times a drive in the country has arrested the decline and today was no exception. Part of our excursion covered territory that we hadn't traversed in years - our old stomping grounds where we had our first house. We drove past houses that we had looked at in our search for both the first house and our current home. It was fun remembering the details.

Our old house looks much the way it did when we sold it, except a 2 car garage had been pasted to the side. I wonder how they made the transition from the house to the garage - if I recall it would have required loosing much of the sunny eating area. The beautiful blue spruce that was at the front of the house had been cut down and replaced by a brilliant blue and white statute of the Virgin Mary.

Yesterday was my writing group meeting and again it was great fun. My story was not the greatest - I'm workng on a re-write to bring more life into the Jobs and Careers topic. My first attempt was a dry, blow by blow description of what I did. There was no life or feeling. But how do you bring life to an IT career? This will be a challenge (perhaps one that has to wait till my head clears!)

Lunch with the ladies after the meeting was at the Village Bakery which has the bestest ever apple fritters. Sweet.