Friday, April 22, 2016

a handful of tech

It is crazy how a little piece of plastic and glass can get my rapt attention for so long. Together, Carm and I got the wifi interface between my phone and laptop working, and once I had a good long length of time that I didn't need either device, I started the sync for my music. It took a few hours to transfer 3200 songs, but I think it is well worth the wait.

We had thought we'd just run with my old 'pay as you go' plan until a good deal at Virgin came up. We made a quick trip into the city to get a new SIM (the new/old are different sizes), and wandering the shopping centre we were lured by phone kiosks and started to get serious about getting the phone up and running. I could barely contain my excitement, what can I say - I'm a goof. We walked out of that mall with a fully functioning smart phone and smiles on our faces.

We had to rush home as we were having company for supper. Our good friend Dave was by for an evening of food and conversation.

Today I did some final, well almost final, configuration of my handy toy… oops, did I say toy? I really meant incredibly required device.

Years ago, and I mean years and years ago, way before smartphones were even twinkles in inventors eyes, I wished and wished for a device that would have my camera, mp3 music player, and phone all in one. And if it could do some computer things it would be even better. The hunk of plastic in my hand is way better than I'd ever imagined - can you believe it has taken me this long to get one!