Monday, March 27, 2017

Happy Birthday cake

It's a mind-altering tradition that is celebrated each year on Carm's birthday. The sugary, fudge like icing is quickly distributed on the cake, if we aren't quick the icing hardens into an immovable shell. There is always a skim left in the pot and some on the beaters that we jostle for, trying to look like we are sharing but wanting to hog for ourselves. Our tongues dart out eager for the sweet confection. Hands shake as the sugar rush hits full-on.

Yes, burnt sugar cake makes a yearly appearance :-)

This past week has flown by. For part of it I convalesced on the sofa with a lingering cold - old movies and Pinterest posts about packing everything in a carryon and capsule wardrobes keeping me entertained. It wasn't a terrible cold but it left me wiped out for days. Then we had friends for supper and got together with friends for another supper, and might have gone to friends for supper, and a friend here for supper, oh and then we went to friends for dessert last night. We've been out to the city for doctor appointments and shopping. Lunch at IKEA a highlight - I never tire of Swedish meatballs with lingonberries.

I tried packing my suitcase to see if I could fit everything into a carryon bag - I couldn't. Shoes take up a lot of room. And maybe I have too many pants. How many do I need for 16 days?

The poodles are getting very puffy - I haven't decided if I should do them now and then again when we get back Mid May, or if I can let it slide and do them at the end of April and then not have to do them until after the Titanium rally in June. Lazy. I'll have to do their faces soon though so they don't look like abandoned dogs.

We've had snow, rain, freezing rain, and now more rain. The temperature is hovering just above zero and with the grey sky it feels like spring will never arrive. Carm even lit a fire on Friday - it is just that miserable.

“The Lion and the Unicorn were fighting for the crown:
The Lion beat the Unicorn all around the town.
Some gave them white bread, some gave them brown:
Some gave them plum-cake and drummed them out of town.”
~Lewis Carroll

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