Tuesday, November 6, 2018

flashes of blue

Carm hung up the bird feeder on Sunday late afternoon and by Monday morning a flock of bluejays were feasting. Five blue flashes lit up the tree like errant Christmas lights, while cute little chickadees flitted around trying to get their share.

We didn't hang around to enjoy them though, but piled into the car for a quest. We bought some luggage on Sunday - sort of on a whim, but the sale was so good and we'd been thinking about replacing Carm's old cases with spinners. But since we hadn't done due dilagence we wanted to check out Capital City Luggage to see what they had. Their selection was good with similar pieces on sale and they'd match the Bay price. Sold. We'd rather support a local family business.

I scored the perfect small purse for carrying my passport, tickets and phone on our travel days, plus it is nice enough to use on the ship for a few tissues, my camera, and sail card. The strap comes off so it can be used as a 'clutch' for dressup. It has security features that will be good in Europe next year. It's small enough to be a pocket on a string. Happy :-)

Carm of course couldn't understand why I'd need yet another black purse but since men don't get it, I just ignored his bewildered comments. It's like shoes - he doesn't get why I'd need more than 2 pairs. In my previous life I'd wear my blundstones year round (and there were even years that I had no sandels for the summer), but now that I'm wearing grown-up clothes I need the right shoe for the outfit! The hard part when cruising is keeping the number down to 5. I could drop to 4 but... We'll be bringing an extra suitcase for all my dress-up clothes :-o

After the exertion of shopping we stopped at our favorite sandwich shop in Little Italy for, you guessed it, sandwiches. Carm knew of a parking place in the Arboretum with a good view over the trees. It was raining out so we stayed in the car and crumbed it up. It was a nice treat.

Saturday night we met up with Trudie, Leo and Pat (and a few others) for supper and then to the arena for a Trivia game. It was lots of fun and Carm got to be the smart one. We didn't come close to winning though, there were some pretty smart teams.

We put the winter tires on the car today... an harbinger of winter if ever there was one. Well, that and the infernal time change. The dogs pace around in the late afternoon, sure that supper time has come and gone. "We're hungry" they say, not understanding the human folly of adjusting the clocks back and forth every year.

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  1. We have given up on our bird feeders. We had all four destroyed by a rather large black bear. Decided we did not want to encourage it to come back by putting more of them:(