Monday, November 4, 2013

Quinoa No More

I love quinoa. I love to make into salads; I love it straight up; I love to bake it into cookies… however… as I suspected and last night confirmed, it does NOT like me.

After the last bout of misery from eating it, we went to the internet to look for solutions. Many places suggested rinsing it more, and even soaking it for a few hours. So yesterday I rinsed and rinsed, then I soaked it for the whole day before cooking it up.

The effects don’t hit me right away; they wait until the middle of the night, so when I woke up at 12:30 with a wicked gut ache I knew I was in for it… and I was. Three and a half hours of intense gut pain, with periodic puking my guts out. Oh bother. Today I don’t feel that great, but I have felt worse the previous experiments.

I’m really upset cause I LOVE quinoa!

Not much else has gone on here: I’ve cooked and cooked (proper ETL food of course – I’m actually enjoying sticking with it this time and aren’t having any cravings, and am rarely hungry); I’ve written in my other blog about all the boring diet stuff; we’ve had supper with friends; I’ve done a bit more tidying around the house, I hurt my back and took it easy for a few days. All boring stuff that doesn’t involve packing up the camper and heading south!

Yesterday and today have been bright and sunny, so at least when I’m inside I can pretend that it is still summer.

I’m thinking of getting a new super-dooper blender; my smoothies are getting increasingly GREEN, and some of that green stuff does not chop up really smoothly in my current blender, plus I have to add gallons of water to get it to blend at all. A vitamix is the pinnacle of blenders, but a little beyond my means (they are over $500!); instead I’m thinking of a Ninja Kitchen System for less than 1/2 that, and it will replace some of the functions of my very old food processor. Does anybody have any recommendations?

I HAVE to read up about punctuation – I am never sure where to use a comma, a semi-colon, or a colon! I edited this post with help from the internet, but I’m not sure that I got it right. (Aunty Kristine, I’d love some critique!)

Writing is an act of faith, not a trick of grammar. ~ E. B. White