Thursday, November 28, 2013

Who was that?

Yesterday (Wed) was a snow day for us. We don't normally watch TV or movies during the day, but a snow day is an exception. We had the Dr. Who episode "Day of the Doctors" on the pvr and were anxious to watch it. So we shut the blinds, fired up the sound system and snuggled under blankets with our giant bowls of leafy greens. The program was all we expected and more! Very entertaining with twists and turns in the plot everywhere. We love time travel!

We got about 9 or 10 inches over the day yesterday – the trees were groaning under the weight of all that snow – pretty, but deadly for them. There are too many trees to go around shaking them all off, so we hope that Mother Nature takes care of it with a bit of wind.




I wonder how many grey photos like this I’ll be posting over the winter? Thankfully today is bright with sunshine and wintery blue sky. The dogs had a bit of fun playing in the snow, but it wasn’t too long before Kabira and Spike were keen to go in. Bella is always happy to be outside and bounces around like Tigger! (no photos of her – she is a black blob in this sort of light).


Several months ago we noticed Kabira being a little stiff in her movement. It was most obvious getting into the truck – she seemed to have difficulties. On talking to Ruth about it she suggested some glucosamine, in case it was the start of arthritis. We started her on a powder and after a month or so did notice a slight improvement. But it wasn’t enough to be satisfied. I did some research online which suggested that adding MSM and possibly other herbs might help more. I was about to order something, but decided we’d look to see what Costco had first. As it turns out they had a liquid with glucosamine, chondroitin, and msm. She’s been on it for just shy of a month and the improvement is striking. She’s prancing around again, and seems to have no trouble getting on the futon anymore. We haven’t done the truck test, but it is too cold for that just now. Our fingers are crossed that it will do the trick, as she is far too young to be suffering the effects of arthritis (she’s 7 1/2).


Time changes everything except something within us which is always surprised by change. ~ Thomas Hardy