Sunday, November 8, 2015


Sometimes I hate Facebook. My regular routine in the morning is to sip my coffee while I scroll through pages and pages of posts. This morning was no different.

Post, post, post. One of the 'love your family, love yourself' type posts. Nice sentiment.


Lifeless eyes stare off the page, bruises and blood on her beautiful face. Bruises on her chest. Dead. Stoned to death.

For 3 seconds I didn't feel anything. Then an onslaught of feelings. Shock, anger, grief, sadness. I couldn't (can't) shake the image. I cried for her and everyone who has died like her.

I had to get out of the house. It was sunny so I knew I needed to be outside, or at least in the car. Landscape speeding past is always a good distraction for me which meant a drive would be a good choice. It took us 1/2 hour to figure out a destination and then we were on our way. There is something about going for a drive (as a passenger of course) that calms me. It is my go-to activity if I'm starting a depression or even just blue. Luckily, Carm likes driving me around!

Here's a crazy thing… Carm was talking to a woman in the A&W at our turnaround point; she and her husband left at the same time as us and their conversation started up again. Her husband turned to Carm and said "Is your name Carm?" - they had gone to school together! Small world eh.

Saturday night we visited Carm's mom in her retirement home, then had supper with my family. We are lucky to have family nearby.