Monday, November 23, 2015

the act of writing

Thousands of snow geese burst into the sky, like white feathers released into the air in a pillow fight. They circled, rising higher and higher in a column of flashing light. Something on the ground must have scared them, as the sun was already low on the horizon. The snow geese always seem to be the first ones to arrive and the last ones to leave, guests reluctant to leave the party.

In my last post I was ready to quit both writing groups, and stop writing altogether. Maybe not my blog. But the other writing. I was at a low point, exasperated by a shift in mood. I think my thoughts about writing and my mood played off against each other until I was pretty much feeling useless. Thankfully, with some pep talks by Carm and another friend, I feel re-energized and not so much like a dud.

I set the alarm for 8am this morning. When the music blared from its plastic speaker part of me wanted to pull the covers back over my head and forget all about the creative writing class, but the other part of me - the stronger part - remembered that it is a supportive group and that I would probably feel better at the end of it. I did. Thanks.

Saturday afternoon we decided to go for a short drive to the German Club which was having its annual Christmas sale. We'd heard about it many times (our friend Trudie is from German stock), but had never been. It was three floors of baked goods (stolen or strudel anyone?), and hand crafted items: dirndls, ornaments, table linens. On the bottom floor were tables set for a full meal: schnitzel, sauerkraut, and potatoes. We skipped the sit-down meal and instead stood in line outside for bratwurst and leberkase.

Saturday night our friend Cathey arrived late (having got lost in the inky black night). We talked and laughed for hours. I read a few of my stories and got some feedback which helped me over my dark mood.

Sunday was another one of those days when we had to get out of the house for a little while. But where? A few weeks ago I had gone with Christina to a conservation area where we walked through the woods on a wide trail. I wanted to show Carm where it was before I forgot so we jumped in the car and drove. The sandy trails were dry despite the rain we’ve had lately, so we went for a bit of a tramp in the woods. Unfortunately, that built up our appetite so next we drove to St. Albert where we shared a hamburger. Burp.

The top of the pool now has a skim of ice floating on top of it. No snow. The forecast is calling for a few warmer days later in the week. We can no longer be in denial about winter, it is time to finally shut the slides of the camper. (or quickly pack it up and rush south!)

“Through the act of writing, a writer learns more about himself than he could ever imagine.”  ~Rob Bignell