Sunday, January 10, 2016

a certain level of insanity

Rain poured down from the sky as if a giant bucket was being tipped above the house. If it was summer a day of rain would green the grass and make flowers bloom. Instead, the blooming laneway has been made into an impossible path, glare ice glazes its surface and with the rain on top of the ice it is slicker than slick. We were pleased we didn't have anywhere to go, but often walked to the window like a prisoner in a grey cell.

The dogs, of course, get pushed out the door at the usual times; Kabira has to be given a second shove, but the poodles with their thick fur are more compliant. Their long, kinky hair absorbs water like a sponge and when they shake, pools of water form. Spike has to be sent to bring me fresh socks. Not a shirker, he jumps to the task, eager to be told how helpful he is, and maybe thinking about the treat that is sure to follow.

I'm sure you don't remember the fiasco of the dog bed cover I made last year. It has been giving good service, but Kabira occasional pulls it off one end of the bed. It needed elastic at the corners to foil her efforts. I finally got around to doing the enhancements, wrestling with the 6' long heavy canvas cover and jamming the needle into the thick layers. Like most of my sewing efforts, it is a hack job, but hopefully will do it's job.

I don't know if I should admit to this level of insanity or not… I have an Android database program that I've designed tables and forms for keeping a food log and mood log. I also have tables to keep track of camping and a freezer inventory. I've been thinking of adding tasks such as 'wash the blinds in the guest bathroom', etc. I have this feeling that if my list is computerized I will be more likely to get the job done. It may be a pipe dream, but today I was feeling antsy and a bit like immersing myself into my favorite parts of my old job so got to work. A combination of lookup tables and data tables have combined together like the ingredients for an old fashioned English trifle (oh my, why did I chose that analogy, now I'm hungry, and not for brussels sprouts).

I hope I’m not tempting fate, but we are well into the winter and I’m still ‘A ok’. It might be a combination of careful attention to medication, sleep and activity levels and I suspect that a big dose of good luck has been on my side as well! I know I’ve been sharing posts on facebook about depression, not because I’m dragging the black dog, but because they are good articles that I hope might help someone.

Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book.”  ~Bill Watterson

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