Monday, January 4, 2016

in the Pink

It is sunny today!!!! Beams of light are flooding into the house brightening not just the surroundings, but my mood as well. It won't be long (I'm writing this part at 1:50), until the sun moves into the west window and makes a giant sun spot on the futon. The dogs will migrate from other parts of the house to this warm pool of light, and I might squeeze myself between them and do some writing for the creative writing group which will start up in just over a week.

Sometimes when I want to do something, I get caught up in just getting it done and get in a rush, at times not thinking things out fully… This happened to me yesterday. I planned to dye a strand of my hair pink with the new permanent hair dye I got the other day. Easy, right. Just follow the instructions. So I did. I pulled my hair back with my hands and started applying vaseline to my hairline and forehead. Small problem, my hair had dried falling over my eyes, and not carefully blown back. The vaseline was getting everywhere, including in some of my hair - I panicked. I called Carm and got him to hold my hair back, and as he did so he reached his hand down my forehead and pulled back. Ack! My hair was/is/may be for days covered in a thick layer of slick vasoline. It wasn't really his fault as I hadn't told him why I wanted his help. I washed my hair with Dawn but I think I only succeeded in spreading, not removing. Talk about a bad hair day! My hair is standing straight up in a greasy, unruly mess. No photos.

Some things went right yesterday. We picked up a few more tomatoes for the wonderful salsa that I made New Years. It turned out perfectly with just the right amount of heat. We ate it with celery, cucumber and of course nacho chips... while watching 'CSI Special Victims Unit'. I've never watched it before - I'm not actually crazy about dramatic programs - but Carm was watching it and I got sucked in. We binge watched, if 2 more episodes counts as bingeing.

Later on today… I washed my hair a few times and went through the rigamarole of dyeing. I now have a very faint, semi-permanent (how long we shall see) pink swish in my bang. It can barely be seen by the naked eye, and there is only a bit of vaseline slicking some of my hair back. I guess I'll have to work on this hair colour thing…  Still no photos (maybe in the glare of light tomorrow).

"The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance. The wise grows it under his feet.”  ~James Oppenheim