Sunday, January 17, 2016

that’s what families are about

On Sunday Spike got to go to Gramma's house and meet his 'new to Canada' cousin, Freya. First he had to get puffed up and with his overly long hair he looked like an apricot cotton ball. Just for fun, I started to teach him to bring the brush; once he figured out the best way to pick it up he was a pro. He's not crazy about the actual puffing, but does like the end result as it usually means an outing, and that outing is usually to Gramma and Poppa's house.

As it was, I don't think he had the best time as much of it was on his leash. I wanted to keep him out of the way from a running little person, big people cooking sugar in the kitchen, and other perils. I think one of those fabric folding crates would be just the ticket for visits like this.

The people had a good time though!

Saturday night was our Norwegian feast. As usual, Mom had covered the table with plates and bowls of delicious food. I had a bit of fun writing about it during my writing practice today:

"She bustled around the kitchen, laying out cold meats, plating the blocks of yellow and brown cheese, and stopping to peer at the thermometer with a cable that snaked into the oven. A pile of lefse almost a foot high, nestled in a red dish towel, tried to warm itself beside the stove. On the cooktop was a large stainless steel pot full of chunks of potato. On another cold burner was a low pot with shredded red cabbage. Both burners would be turned on closer to supper time, bringing the boiled potatoes and cabbage with caraway to life.

A crystal bowl of ruby lingonberry jam sat on the counter beside a small crockpot of melted butter; bacon bits with their unctuous fat in a sturdy glass measuring cup nearby - a trio of toppings for the star of the show: lutefisk. It was in the oven beside the pork roast. Oh, there were other things: peas, meatballs for those didn't care for the lutefisk, kale salad, and countless platters of other food.

The feast of Norwegian and Canadian foods would mingle on the plates later in the evening, when the stars were out and the moon hung in the sky. She would sit at the head of the table as family gathered, the places for the three absentees forlorn. Laughter would ring through the air. "

Of course I didn't put include in my little story that my mom got a fish bone stuck in her throat… isn't that good luck or something? (I actually googled this and didn't come across any luck references, but did learn some tips on helping to remove it. Eating marshmallows or bananas seem like good options.)

It really was a lovely evening. I sat at the kids table with Juliette, Erik, and newly arrived Freya. Tammy and Graham rounded out the company at the kitchen table. I did miss out visiting with the grown-ups (and I use that term loosely) in the dining room. I'll catch up with them later.

"One wants to be together with one’s family. That’s what families are about."  ~Aung San Suu Kyi