Saturday, January 9, 2016

ground meat

On Friday the walls of the house started closing in on us. We hadn't been out for what seemed like ages, so, like knights on a quest we rumbled down the road in our trusty black steed (Subaru) heading south. Our sights were set on the St. Lawerence, or more accurately 1km north of that mighty flow of water. We turned into the Basket Case parking lot, turned off the car and walked to the door. A sign tucked in the bottom right corner of the door proclaimed that they were closed for holidays and wouldn't be open until January 12. Monday. This was Friday and we'd just driven 45 minutes for lunch. We were both in the mood for a club sandwich, and no other club would do.

Reeling with disappointment we tried to figure out what to do. I headed into the used store to give myself time to think. A few books caught my attention and with the distraction of a shelf full of dishes I remembered the Donair place down the road. Okay. That's where we'll go.

Drive drive drive some more - our destination was almost 30 minutes away. Liquidation is on our way so let's stop there. I argue that we don't need anything and if I go in I'll find something to buy. I'm talked into a quick visit. I find something to buy - winter boots which will be great for snowshoeing and walking in puddly days. Carm got some boots too.

A better idea for lunch comes up. The Works for a hamburger - we have a coupon for $5 off. It's only another 1/2 hour of driving. As we near the city traffic builds and the crush of buildings takes over from gentle farmland. Finally we are there.

It is a small restaurant and they don't seem interested in making it very warm. I needed the full-on seat heater when we were back at the car. I had a 'Man-o-War' which was a combination of caramelized onions, horseradish, cheese and dijon sauce. A piece of cardboard would be good with this concoction. On a burger it was great.

Did I really eat the whole thing? You betcha (not the fries though).

We had one more coupon to cash in: a $5 discount on anything at Pet Valu. I bought another bag of the Zuke's pork treats which smell like pork and rosemary.

We needed the umbrella this morning. Yesterday the forecast was for freezing rain or snow overnight and into the morning. We had to get going early to pick up 240 lbs of frozen raw meat/bone bricks for the dogs, and unfortunately the meeting place was a 45 minute drive away… if the roads were good. I tossed and turned all night worried about the potential freezing rain. I'm a nervous passenger at the best of times...

We had gotten snow overnight and the temperature had raised to rain range so we were spared the freezing rain. Instead it poured while we were waiting for the delivery truck. A line of around 100 people stood under umbrellas and with hoods pulled over their heads. I will admit to staying in the car for much of the wait, while Carm braved the rain. He was happy though as there were lots of people to talk to and the common interest is dogs.

I joined Carm just before the truck arrived, insinuating myself into the group of people Carm was talking with. They represented a variety of breeds: German Shepherds, Rotties, and two unrelated people with Great Danes. Add our poodles and ridgeback and it was a multi cultural group. None of us had our dogs with us, we needed room in our vehicles for bags and bags of dog meat. Whoa there! Not 'dog meat' but meat for dogs.

Had I mentioned that it was raining and that it is January 10th? We were happy to get safely home with no icy roads (actually there was some ice on the way there), and the freezer is full to the top. I think we have enough for almost 3 months.

"The trees down the boulevard stand naked in thought,
Their abundant summery wordage silenced, caught
In the grim undertow; naked the trees confront
Implacable winter's long, cross-questioning brunt."
~D. H. Lawrence