Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Yesterday, the last day, flew by like a leaf in a wind storm - here and then gone. Carm dropped me off at my parents house in the morning, leaving to run some errands and then home, but returning for supper. I stayed and we walked, putzed around, visited Kenda, had supper and then it was time to to leave. I'm sure you can guess that my eyes were not dry. My niece Nissa wears her heart on her sleeve and hadn't a dry eye either. Everyone else was remarkably composed - how do they do it?

Anyway, it was a long drive home. I tried not to think about how many years it might be till the next visit, instead planning when I might go there instead. I managed not to sob. There are 5 years between us with me being the oldest, so when we were growing up we weren't particularly close - what 15 year old wants a 10 year old tagging along? However, we did get along which laid the base for a close friendship when we became adults. Unfortunately we've never lived in the same city as adults and now live 1/2 a world away. Thank goodness for cheap phone rates.

Today I was saved from a morose day by Christina. Yesterday she emailed that she'd like to take me for a walk and picnic and of course I said yes. She picked me up and we drove to one of their farm properties for a walk along a corn field to a giant quarry lake. It was pretty. Plans changed so instead of a picnic in the hot sun we brought it to my place where we could swim first. The water was cool but oh so refreshing. Then we sat down, Carm included, and enjoyed the best lentil salad I've ever eaten. Must get the recipe. All in all, a lovely diversion.

The day finished off with a nap on the swing and a fantastic salad full of greens from Christina's garden.

The magic fades too fast
the scent of summer never lasts
the nights turn hollow and vast
but nothing remains...nothing lasts.”
~Sanober Khan

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