Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day! It’s the hundred and forty ninth anniversary of Confederation - everybody sing together!

I waited on the back deck, anxiously (well, not anxiously but with anticipation) waiting for the Snowbirds or F18s to fly by. They didn't. In some previous Canada Day celebrations, their flight pattern has brought them right overhead, not doing their tricks, but flying in formation on their way somewhere else. I get a thrill deep inside when I hear those jet engines roar. Today there was just the peep of a Nuthatch, the chirp of several robins, and the cheep of my only aerial show: the swallows.

We thought of going down to Parliament Hill to take in some of the celebrations, but the forecast of rain in the afternoon, not to mention trouble getting downtown and huge crowds made us decide to forego it all. Inertia too. We may still do something, but are not sure yet. Olaf & Tammy are here so something has to be arranged.

I usually put Grace in her outside cage mid-morning, but don't join her on the back deck for a couple of hours. Well… today I put her out, and since it was Canada Day didn't do as much in the house so headed to the swing earlier. OMG!!!!!! She was OUTSIDE the cage hanging onto the side. Heart attack (me not her). She stepped up willingly and was quickly reinserted. The outside hatch for her feed dish (which I hadn't put in yet), was open and she squeezed herself through. I must have forgotten to latch it… Hopefully a lesson learned.

At 6pm last night I still hadn't made dinner and didn't have plans on what I could make. On an off chance that Trudie & Leo hadn't had their supper I called to see if they wanted to meet for Chinese food. They did. The place was packed and a lineup for takeout was practically out the door. It was a slow supper…

p.s. deer flies are out in full force - I’ve been bitten more than a few times today and have red welts all over :-(

Canada is the homeland of equality, justice and tolerance.  ~Kim Campbell

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