Friday, July 15, 2016

the middle - just 1/2 week left

Just 1/2 week left…

I left off last Saturday when they were all in Montreal. They were due back on Sunday so mid-afternoon Carm dropped me at my parents for another sleepover. Kirsten, et. al. got in the door just after I arrived so we had the whole afternoon together. The girls were antsy for a walk so we took off on a 6.5 km trek along the paths that snake through the suburbs.  We got home in time to help with supper and a flurry of activity swept us along until bedtime. I flake out on the ancient sofa in the livingroom which is comfortable enough.

Monday we spent the day with Kenda, Kirsten's sister-in-law, helping her through her day. That's when I posted about being grateful for our health among other things. Hold your loved ones close. Carm picked me up around 7pm, after an epic golf game in the west end. I fell into bed exhausted that night - physically and emotionally.

Tuesday afternoon Carm and I picked up our nice nieces for lunch at the Works and an overnight at my house. Lunch, swimming, and cards filled the rest of the day and evening.

Wednesday the girls and I swam while we waited for Kirsten to come. My friend Christina dropped by for a quick swim and to meet my lovely nieces. Finally mid afternoon (and I mean finally - we were anxiously awaiting her arrival all morning), Kirsten arrived and we spent another hour in the pool. There were lots of wrinkled fingers those days. One of the things we like to do is take the ladder out (for its safety) and run around just inside the edge to make a whirlpool. Floating along after in the current is simple fun. Then we get to work to reverse the flow - hard work and surely worth some extra steps on my Fitbit! We didn't spend the whole day in the pool (or did we?) but with a humidex of 41C there wasn't a better place to be.

Carm had taught the girls and I how to play hearts the night before so we briefed Kirsten on the rules and played another round. The first night Carm won, but the girls are quick studies and Shenna won Wednesday night. Nissa won the next morning. We were starting to turn into card fiends, which is funny for me as I am never one to play much. I'm not with it enough to follow which cards have been played so pretty much play by luck.

Thursday, Kirsten and the girls left between downpours and I lay down for a nap. I feel like I might nap for days after they all leave, but I MUST find some things to fill my days or I'll likely drop down into a bit of a depression. I'll have to work hard to avoid it.

Today, Friday, is Carm and my 27th anniversary! My oh my, time flies. It has been 27 wonderful years, and even though there have been challenges, our relationship is stronger than ever. Being kind to one another and living with compassion are key. Tonight we are having supper with friends that share the same wedding date, as well as ones that don't. Afterwards, Carm will drop me off at my parents for another sleepover. He’s been a good sport about all the lonely nights. I feel desperate to eek every last minute I can out of Kirsten's visit, especially now that we are on the last few days.

"I would feel more optimistic about a bright future for man if he spent less time proving that he can outwit Nature and more time tasting her sweetness and respecting her seniority.”
~E.B. White

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