Sunday, October 16, 2016

I'm so glad

Yesterday was a nice day - UNDERSTATEMENT! Talk about an amazing October 15 day. We left to go home for a pool checkout and to grab the fixings for a prime rib supper (I'll try out the oven again). The dogs got a bit of time off leash which they seemed to enjoy. When we got back to camp, the sky had totally cleared letting the sun shine down on us. As the afternoon wore on the temperature crept up to 18C making my cheeks burn red. Oh how heavenly. Why is it that sunny autumn days seem so much nicer than a summer one? Each one is more precious than the last.

We used to quit camping on the Thanksgiving weekend but discovered the Bird Sanctuary, which closes near the end of October, a few years back. We realize now that we missed what are perhaps the nicest days of the year. Sometimes the nights drop down to near freezing, but with the fireplace and our propane furnace we all stay toasty. Even the cold, rainy days are to be treasured as we cuddle up in the cosy  warmth of the villetta.

On my way back from the shower this afternoon I saw someone waving - who do I know… oh! My friend Christina and her husband Hans are camped next to us. A special treat :-)

This morning the wind was blowing so hard the bedroom vent fan was spinning. But it hadn't started raining yet so I was able to walk the dogs before the heavens released a downpour. It was warm though - I regretted my decision for a long sleeve top and windbreaker. Lots of dogs here this weekend so it is a bit of a mine field walking with Mr. Naughty. He is 'reactive' to other dogs and is more of a challenge than I really care for. Every dog we pass is a training opportunity… sigh.

As the morning passed there was an exodus of campers - from 100% full to a smattering of campers in a swoosh. Poor non-retired people!

After the rain this afternoon, we drove to the apple group area for a grassy walk. It doesn't take much precip to induce a slurry of muck on the roads -  walking the dogs through that becomes a reason for us all to have a bath - skip that and use the truck to get us somewhere nice  :-)

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”
~L.M. Montgomery

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