Tuesday, October 11, 2016

my thanksgiving is perpetual

My cheeks are as red as the leaves on the tree across the lane from us. I believe it got up to 18C, a nice day almost anytime of the year, but mid October: spectacular. Red and yellow leaves contrasted with the deep blue sky - could it be any bluer? We  moved to the Bird Sanctuary yesterday as Riverside closed for the season. We aren't ready to pack it in yet! This campground is the only one left open this time of year.

It is small, but has several group camping areas down a quiet road. Since the group areas aren't open anymore we almost have the place to ourselves. Aside from the deer, squirrels and other wildlife that lurks in the bushes. Yesterday we walked to the place with the nice apple trees. The bottom branches were picked clean but there were a few ground falls that were in perfect condition. Oh my. A cold, crisp apple can't be beat.

I have to backtrack just a day or two to Sunday when we made the 1 1/2 hour drive to my brother Olaf's place. His wife Tammy, and her mother Sharon had cooked for days. Tammy had set up a few tables so there were seats for all 20 of us - what a crowd! We had a fantastic time and left with full bellies. The dogs weren't maybe as happy - they had spent the afternoon locked in the truck with not even a speck of turkey to tide them over. They did get out for a couple of short walks, unfortunately, new places are always very exciting and result in horrible behavior on the leash. Talk about getting dragged around :-(

I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual. It is surprising how contented one can be with nothing definite - only a sense of existence. Well, anything for variety. I am ready to try this for the next ten thousand years, and exhaust it. How sweet to think of! my extremities well charred, and my intellectual part too, so that there is no danger of worm or rot for a long while. My breath is sweet to me. O how I laugh when I think of my vague indefinite riches. No run on my bank can drain it, for my wealth is not possession but enjoyment.”
― Henry David Thoreau

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