Tuesday, October 4, 2016

soleful (not a typo)

Glorious is the word that best describes the day (I've checked my thesaurus to make sure). The sky is a brilliant azure blue with not a cloud to mar its grand expanse. The sun shines down into my eyes, almost blinding me with the intensity of the  light. I shade my eyes with a cupped hand. The trees are still green but are frosted with a golden hue. Some have a few red leaves highlighted in the rays of the sun.

My early morning walk was lovely. It was cool, with a heavy dew on the long grass which soaked my boots.  The sun shone brilliantly.  I had gotten up in the middle of the night and turned off the 'fireplace'… 58F proved to me that I had been mistaken in thinking it was too warm overnight. I must have been having one heck of a hot flash.

A tea, a coffee and a bit of toast filled me up for our later walk. I started off with a windbreaker, but could easily have gone without. By the end of the walk it was pulled down from my shoulders.

While we sipped our coffee before the walk we watched a few programs on 'mega cruise ships'. Fueling the excitement.

Some time in the sun set my stomach churning. How could I be so hungry when I'd already had an apple for lunch? Well… I didn't have to say 'club sandwich at the Basket Case' twice. Unfortunately my weak moments are usually pounced on as opportunities by Carm. I had wanted to lose weight on this camping trip but wonder if that is realistic. Maybe I could go with not gaining and consider that a win.

I've already worn 4 different pairs of shoes today. Shoe storage in the camper is a big deal. Why four you wonder? Blundstones in the early morning. The heavy dew soaked these short brown leather boots. Crocks for a walk around the block with Spike to practice the Flexi leash. Hiking shoes for our long walk - boots were still too wet. Sandals for our trip into town - yes! it was warm enough. Believe it or not, I don't have a shoe fetish, just like the right sole for the job.

"He had become enveloped in the Indian Summer of the Soul.”   ~O. Henry

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