Saturday, October 1, 2016

making a list not checking it twice

Lists… I love them and have tons of checklists: trip to NZ, cruise, and of course camping (I have a few of these). Very handy, unless you don't bother to look at them.

We settled into our spot yesterday and by the end of a day had a list a mile long of things I forgot. Important things like Bella's medicine and my fitbit charger. Luckily it's not TOO far to drive back to collect these things and luckier still Carm hasn't once given me heck or complained about having to go back home.

I don't have much of an excuse for being so disorganized on leaving day. We had gone out for supper with friends and they had come back to our place for a late night. Why did I stay up so far into the night - I know better. To make matters worse I forgot to take my bedtime medications and historically this has fubared me tremendously. I wasn't sick to my stomach like I sometimes am when I forget, but my thinking was cloudy. All self-inflicted and more reason to check the list… I can even check things off on my phone.

It isn't a cold day but the sun is shielded by a thick layer of grey cloud. It is very dreary in the camper even though we have large windows on two sides and a smaller one on the third. I've dragged all my stuff outside to write this. It is ever so slightly brighter, but unfortunately the glare on my screen makes it almost impossible to see. Ever the tourist, Spike is outside with me, attached to his anchor, and watching the activity in the campground (barely any at all except for a few squirrels leaping around collecting their stash of nuts.) I have a sweater on but don't need a blanket wrapped around me. Grace is even outside, chatting away like a Chatty Cathy  ('where's Spike' she says).

Did you have a 'Chatty Cathy' when you were growing up? I got one for a birthday or Christmas, I don't remember which. She was interesting but I remember her more clearly lying on my dad's workbench waiting to be fixed. Honestly though, I wasn't a doll person at all, I much preferred stuffed dogs, cats, and monkeys.

A few hours later, after a couple cups of tea and a long walk, I'm sitting inside finishing this off. The tick of the clock is loud, all the living things in the camper are silently asleep. Sometimes I hear laughing from the camper next door. Very pleasant and relaxing. Life is good.

"Anne reveled in the world of color about her.

"Oh, Marilla," she exclaimed one Saturday morning, coming dancing in with her arms full of gorgeous boughs, "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. It would be terrible if we just skipped from September to November, wouldn't it? Look at these maple branches. Don't they give you a thrill--several thrills?”
~L.M. Montgomery

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