Tuesday, April 11, 2017

coming to life

The grey sky is low over our heads today and weeping a mist of cold drizzle… The temp has barely reached 7C. It feels cold and I wish Carm was home to start a fire. Instead I dug out a fluffy blanket to drape over the sofa. It is one of the blankets that I used to use for the dogs in the camper so has a faint smell of dogs - not exactly Chanel no 5, but it will do.

Yesterday though! A taste of summer got us outside to wash Grace's cage and get the winter tires off the car. We even had a few minutes to get our hair cut. We both got good cuts, but I'm afraid our hair will be too grown out by the time we go on our trip (3 weeks!).

Despite the cold weather and the snow lying on the ground, tulips have pushed their way out of the earth and through the ice (which is almost all gone now).

Did you watch the golf this weekend? I didn't actually fall asleep (I read instead), and even watched some of it. It was a nail biter (if there is such a thing in golf).

We got our new freezer last Thursday. We went a few sizes up from what we had and let me tell you, we were glad we did. You can't fit nearly as much in an upright as you can in a chest. It is all loaded up though, with a little bit of space to spare. And wonder of wonders we can see at a glance what's in there. It is wonderful and I have to look at it at least once a day.

Sunday we had a lovely lunch with my family to celebrate Graham's 39th birthday. Spike went along for the visit - I made the mistake of telling him that we were "going to Gramma's house" so he stuck to me like glue until it was time to leave. There was no way I was going to forget him.

Speaking of dogs, the poodles got a long overdue haircut on Saturday. I was curious to see what Bella was going to look like without her puffiness as we had a visit to the vet earlier in the week and it seems that she had gained 4kg. I thought that was impossible and I think I'm right. She had gained a bit but isn't exactly rolling with fat. There must have been a calibration issue with the vet's scale. She's still on a diet though - they all are. Oh and me… well, I'm trying (see next paragraph).

I was starving on my last visit to Costco and when I passed the GIANT box of Captain Crunch with $2 off, my willpower disappeared and it jumped into the cart. I could hardly wait to get home; it had been years since I'd indulged this particular craving.

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