Saturday, April 1, 2017

the lion withered

We were spared the forecast snow yesterday, only getting a few centimeters, which was still enough to muck up the laneway to maximum muckiness. Oh Hurrah.

To brighten up our day yesterday we had Trudie & Leo over for soup and birthday cake. Trudie brought the soup she had simmering away and I contributed the soup that was bubbling in my crockpot - mixed together the results were rather fantastic. My curry soup was quite spicy and was toned down by Trudie's lentil vegetable soup.  The fireplace had been burning all afternoon and with the hot soup in our gullets we had to open the window for a while.

The new freezer is scheduled to be delivered on Thursday and with that in mind I wandered downstairs to see where the old one will hang out until the garage is rearranged/decluttered… oh dear. It is a mess down there and will require some work. I have a corner where I put things for the elusive 'garage sale' or trip to the thrift store, but sadly it has grown to epic proportions and is not easily shifted. When the snow is melted and the ground has hardened we'll bring the truck around and purge. In the meantime I filled a garbage bag with old VHS tapes and got discouraged. A cup of coffee later I started clearing another spot for the old freezer…

There is no getting around the fact that the delivery guys will have to go into the murky depths… my shame.

We teetered on the cusp of spring today. Cold rain was replaced by a thin cloud that let the sun tease through. The dogs were happy to get out for an explore this afternoon, but the little bugger (is that a swear word?) Spike disappeared twice. He wasn’t far, but he wasn’t where I wanted him either. All the smells being released from the melting snow is too much for the little tracker. He must be ½ beagle and not a purebred poodle at all.

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.”
~ Aristotle

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