Saturday, April 29, 2017

it’s a wablet

We’ve been having a horrible spring so far but that hasn’t stopped the earth from greening. There are even buds in some of the trees. Not ‘green day’ yet but maybe by the time we leave on our trip. The sun has shone its bright face the last few days and we even had a day in the mid 20s.


A windows tablet (I call it a wablet) has made its way to our home. It will be my replacement for the android tablet which I have almost outgrown. It is a learning curve to move to Windows 10 but this old brain is making the transition. I do love my android though. However, with windows I get to write my blog in my old favorite Live Writer. Hurrah. One small complaint though (pun intended) is the writing is so tiny in some apps that I can barely see it. That makes the touch screen tricky as well… especially with my shaky hands.

The task list is growing every hour – I thought they were supposed to get shorter with time. We have lots to get ready, including getting the house ready for Pat to stay.

Tuesday is our 30 year of being together anniversary so we’ll celebrate tonight with KFC and a bottle of bubbles. It seems impossible that 30 years has passed. We’ve done a lot of different things and it seems we are moving on to a different phase of our life together with our journeys away from home. We had other priorities in all the previous years together: parrots, horses, and then camping. Cruising is just another form of RVing: instead of a camper, our house is a giant ship driven by someone else. We have been lucky but part of that luck is the care that we give each other (and a certain amount of hard work).

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