Tuesday, December 18, 2018

blessed sun

Sun, oh blessed sun. We haven't seen much of it so far this December, the clouds have been gathered over the house with barely a break. Oh sure, Saturday was sunny, and we took that opportunity to drive around rejoicing in the sun in our eyes. First a stop to pick up bags of dog food - we want to be stocked up for our trip. Then 'all-day breakfast' at the Country Kitchen, a favorite greasy spoon, followed by a quick deek into liquidation. We actually walked out empty handed!

Two pots of soup are simmering in their respective instant pots: Irish White Bean and Cabbage; and, Loaded Potato. Oh yum, they smell so good. As usual I tried to put too much in the pot, but I think it will be okay. Even though I use the 8qt most often for soup, I still go crazy chopping up too many ingredients. Oh well! What am I going to do with all this soup? I guess we'll eat a bit tonight and the rest will go into the freezer. I'll be ready for drop in supper guests!

The dogs had a vet visit last Tuesday... rabies shots and a checkup. Poor Kabira has a tooth that needs to come out but we can't get an appointment for the extraction till Feb 7th. I don't think it is bugging her too much though - she ate a big chunk of venison bone yesterday.

We had a great time at Kevin and Laurie's Christmas party. It is lovely to see all the neighbors and to meet new people - we didn't get home till past 1am so I guess we had a good time! We walked over, which is a bit dodgy as the traffic on the road travels at a great rate, luckily we snagged a ride home.

Three days away from Solstice!!!

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