Monday, December 24, 2018

tis the season

I almost flew across the room at him when he called us elders... I mean, what the heck!!!! He was a young guy, but not so young as he had 17 year old twins... but elders... wow. I can see thinking Carm might be - he has a head full of white hair, but me? Sure I have a bit of grey, but gosh...

Nick (I think) was here installing a soft-start switch onto the heat pump, the final step in making our house generator ready. With the switch in place the transition from powerline to generator should be smooth. We still can't run the hot water heater, dryer, and stove, but the fridge, freezer and water pump will all work well. And if the propane tank is full the furnace should run as well. A beauty solution.

I've hunkered down for much of the last few days, weathering the grey and rejoicing when the sun makes an appearance. I've been having lots of anxiety which I attribute to our up coming trip, but I happened to go back to last years mood log for these dates and noticed the same trend. So maybe it has more to do with the season - dark, dreary, and depressing.

Yesterday we did go to Inga & Shane's (just around the corner) for a small gathering of their family and friends. We both had a lovely time. In the past I'd have trouble with these sorts of events, where I don't know anybody, but luckily I had no trouble. Their family members are interesting so it was a true pleasure to meet them.

Carm has been subjected to countless Christmas programs and movies: 'Santa Clause is coming to town', 'Rudolf the red nosed reindeer', 'Holiday Inn', 'White Christmas', and finally last night 'Disney's A Christmas Carol'. He's been a good sport and is getting lots of reading done... although I do see him watching out of the corner of my eye ;-)

The snow is lightly falling. Christmas lights are on and some others over the sparkling table set for 4. All the cutting and prepping has been done and it will soon be time to start cooking. We have a quiet evening planned with Trudie and Leo and since it is Christmas Eve we've eached unearthed a treasured bottle of wine that has been aging in the cellar.

The elders will gather around the table and cheer the festive season.

Tomorrow we'll spend the afternoon at my parents and feast again, this time with dear family.

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