Sunday, September 18, 2011

Four Days of Camping

We haven’t had any luck with our turbo stick the last few days – every time we checked it is roaming into the US ($$$).


Woke up to the sound of rain and a chill in the air. Time for fluffy socks and warm sweaters, not to mention long pants. It just rained for a while and I was able to take the dogs out for their potty without getting soaked – muddy yes… needless to say no walk on the mucky road.

On our walk this morning we met some people with a Titanium (same brand of camper as ourselves). There is a fellowship among Ti owners. Tony and Carol have a 26e31 which has two slides in the living area – it seemed very spacious and gave room for a great sized kitchen. We invited them to come over to our place for coffees after supper. It was a very nice visit which ended with the exchange of emails. Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to meet up with them at a Ti rally next year.


Burr… it was cold this morning and by 11 am was only up to 52F. There were some sunny breaks but with the wind it just wasn’t tempting to go outside. We even wimped out on our morning walk figuring we could wait till it warmed up a bit, and hopefully the wind also died down. By early afternoon Grace was outside in a bundled up cage and we were gone for our walk. We even got to read a bit outside.


Saturday – my birthday

What a totally gorgeous day it was today. A tiny bit cool if in the shade but hot in the sun! A perfect day to celebrate my birthday.

The day started with our regular coffee then hour walk with the dogs. After that Carm made us pancakes, bacon & eggs, then time for some relaxation in the sun. Eventually the neighbour's music drove us into the truck and out for a drive.

We went west towards Iroquois and tracked down the Harkness Family Cemetery which is where my great, great grandfather is buried. It is a tiny little cemetery in an out of the way place, very quaint.


After the cemetery it was south to the Iroquois locks for a pogo and an ice cream (how much junk food can be eaten in one day?). Tonight it will either be steak or just crusty bread with olives and cheese and OF COURSE bubbles!




Home again. Boo hoo! We would have loved to stay another day or two – the weather was perfect but Carm scheduled a dentist appointment for Monday. Note to selves – don’t schedule appointments early in the week after camping!

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