Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lazy Days


We are soaking up the last warm rays of summer sunshine as the forecast for the next few days calls for cooling temperatures. We have enjoyed several beautiful days in a row, although today the winds were gusty and blustery with some cloud cover. Luckily for Grace she has been able to be outside pretty much the entire day every day we’ve been here.

The park is deserted with only a few campers. Instead of making the dogs quieter though, they bark at any passers-by. Spike had to wear his “special” collar (aka bark collar) for a bit yesterday, but he knows what he’s wearing it for so the tends to be better after having had it on for a few minutes.

It was a bit cool in the afternoon when the clouds rolled in. Kabira was happy to wear her sweatshirt for a while.

Pleasures – everything about camping ; the beautiful sun ; butter tarts! ; getting a great lined windbreaker jacket, with a hood, for $7.00 at the local consignment shop. It’s got a patch on it from Yellowstone, so now I look like a traveller.


It’s another beautiful day, almost too warm to sit in the sun and thankfully it’s not as windy as yesterday. We have been so lucky so far with the weather – fingers are crossed that it keeps up.

Pleasures – another nice morning for our long walk and the dogs walked so nicely on their leashes ; bacon and tomato sandwiches (they would have been much better with mayo though) ;

Time to figure out which of the several books on my e-reader that I’m going to read next. I just finished “A Prairie Home Companion” which was a cute little read (and clarified a few things from the movie that I didn’t really get. Now it’s time to delve into my collection of old books.

Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.
William Wordsworth