Saturday, September 3, 2011

Travelling Basket

Remember that book I talked about the other day – the one that I couldn’t get into after 22 pages… well… I gave it a go for another few pages and wouldn’t you know it I’ve been up late for two nights reading! The entire book takes place on 9/11 except for the last chapter which is the morning after, the characters are from New York city. “A Day at the Beach” by Helen Schulman was good read after all.

Reading the book brought to mind so many memories of my own from that day. We knew no one who lost their lives or or any that lost a loved one, but I was still shaken. Carm was out of town on business, as were my parents. I felt so alone at a time when gathering loved ones close was the overwhelming need. The suffering and loss…

What have my pleasures been? Some day’s they are harder to come by. Here’s one – reading on the swing Thursday afternoon. There haven’t been many day’s when I’ve actually had a chance to have an hour on the swing (that darn book dragged me out ;

  • Eating a great sandwich from a little Italian shop in the city – I also bought a dozen buns to go along with our tomato salads – yum ;
  • Using my new basket! It carried our (unused) bathing suits and towels just perfectly and looked pretty to boot! Today it will take another trip! I feel so European with shopping basket in hand – so much more elegant than a plastic bag.
  • Visiting with family – thanks to my aunt and uncle for hosting such a great meal by their new pool. At night the pool was lit by with funky lights.
  • Another pleasure - having the dogs sleeping in a jumble on the floor beside me – they look so peaceful and sweet curled up together – they are good friends to me and each other – I couldn’t get a proper photo though as they got up as soon as I moved, we might be going outside don’t you know! ;
  • Thursday we had some fresh corn-on-the-cob. It was sweet and juicy.


A light wind swept over the corn, and all nature laughed in the sunshine.
Anne Bronte